Black Theatre Troupe of Upstate New York Presents “Camp Logan”

Black Theatre Troupe of Upstate New York proudly presents Camp Logan, winner of the NAACP Image Award, by Celeste Bedford Walker, April 2-11.

“The tragedy of Camp Logan is the tragedy of American racism,” said Jean-Remy Monnay, director of the upcoming production of Camp Logan, by Celeste Bedford Walker.

Set in 1917, Camp Logan depicts the riveting and devastating, but largely unknown, real life events of the highly-decorated, all-Black 24th Infantry Regiment when stationed in Houston, Texas.  After serving their country with distinction and being treated with respect, these soldiers were suddenly subjected to dehumanizing Jim Crow practices.  After weeks of mounting tension and abuse, the soldiers retaliate. Walkers’ nuanced, suspenseful dramatization details the buildup to a riot which left dozens dead, including 17 African American soldiers hanged for mutiny.

Camp Logan is one of more than forty works written and produced by Walker, who has received numerous awards and is recognized by the United States Congress for bringing to light lost stories of significant African-American history.  Black Theatre Troupe of Upstate New York (BTTUNY) helps keep these lost stories alive.

This production is being directed by Monnay, Founder and Director of BTTUNY which promotes performance and theatric works by and about people of color who are still underrepresented in theatre.  The nonprofit organization provides opportunities for people to get involved in all aspects of production and works to create a strong community spirit for all involved. The cast of Camp Logan features both veteran and new actors: Preston Edmunds, Emmett Ferris, John Johnson, Michael Lake, Aileem Penn, David Perez, and Brian Toal.

There will be seven performances of Camp Logan over two weeks and at two locations.

April 2, 3 & 4 at 8 pm; April 5 at 3 pm.

The Masonic Hall

67 Corning Place

Albany, NY 12207


April 9, 10 & 11 at 8 pm

Meader Little Theater

Russell Sage College

65 1st Street (2nd entrance at 5 Division St)

Troy, NY 12180


Admission is $17:00; Students, Seniors and Veterans, $12.00

For tickets and information, go to links:

Or call 518-833-2621 or


Hollyday Hammond who is a white woman fighting injustice and The Co-Chair of MLK Saratoga and one of BTTUNY’s board members and volunteers, expanded on Monnay’s comment about American racism: “So much of our country’s history has been erased, denied, rewritten or buried, and that is part of the dehumanization of Black people which is the essence of racism. Exposing and acknowledging this history is a necessary part of rectifying racism.”



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