Great Barrington Public Theater is Looking for a Few Good Bear Stories

Great Barrington Public Theater presents Bear Tales Solo Performance Fest May 28-June 7, at the McConnell Theater, Bard College at Simon’s Rock. The two-week festival brings together multiple solo performers presenting drama, dance, creative puppetry, music, true-life stories and monologues with different themes, subjects and styles. Artistic Director Jim Frangione is reserving time in the eclectic mix for a few live storytellers to present their original, creative bear stories onstage and is looking for submissions from local residents and artists. “Bear stories have been with us forever and people love to hear a good bear story. Many if not everybody in the Berkshires has a great bear story to tell. We’ll work with submissions and present a few stories as part of the solo festival. The story can be about a real encounter with a bear, but doesn’t have to be. Get creative, make one up, and let us hear from you. We’re looking for a good bear story, and you’ll have a roaring good time telling it.”

The story can be true or fiction, should be no longer than eight minutes, and can be told in any form. Anyone can submit their story for consideration. The company is most interested in hearing from folks in and around the Berkshires. It must be an original story about a bear, and submitted by April 1.

No phone calls please. Send your story to Give the bear facts or fiction in a story that takes less than eight minutes to tell, and be sure to let us know how to contact you. To learn more and enter your story, visit

Great Barrington Public Theater was founded by Jim Frangione and Deann Simmons Halper to create opportunities for theater artists in the Berkshires and neighboring regions. Great Barrington Public Theater recognizes the many excellent playwrights, actors, directors, designers, administrators and technicians living in the Berkshires and surrounding areas. Our objective is to bring a mix of new and contemporary plays to the stage in a variety of formats; to generate and foster creative and rigorous opportunity for local theater artists, while engaging our theater going public with new and contemporary readings, workshops, and fully-staged productions, involving local talent as often as possible and keeping ticket prices affordable.

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