Classic Theater Guild Seeks Director & Musical Director for December Production

Classic Theater Guild is seeking a Director and Musical Director for its December production of the family musical *‘Twas the Land of the Night Before.*

Written by local authors Bill Douglas and Steve Suriano, the musical has been produced in the area three previous times.  It’s the story of an
enchanting village where everyone enthusiastically prepares for the holiday morning – ALL the time.  Exchanging presents but never opening them,
decorating and undecorating the tree, it’s all part of their simple and content daily life.  Until one day, when a likable bumbling soul wanders into the town and promises everyone he can show them about the holiday.

The show has a cast of up to 25, with varied ages including adults and children.   For more information on the show, please visit

A Director may included the name of their musical director, or submit individually.

Directors should have experience with musicals and working with young actors.  There is no compensation for this position.

Those submitting for musical director will be expected to also play the show.  Musical director is a compensated position.

The production is scheduled for Proctor‘s Addy Theater.

Interested parties should email

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