GhostLit Repertory Theatre Company Co-Artistic Director Caitlin Teeley Steps Down

GhostLit Repertory Theatre Company’s Caitlin Teeley has announced that she will step down from her position as Co-Artistic Director in order to pursue personal creative projects. Teeley, along with creative partner Harrison Lang have jointly led GhostLit Repertory Theatre Company over the past 3 years and have produced publicly lauded pieces of theatre, from full scale musicals, to world premieres of new work. Both parties have come to an understanding and believe this is best for the future of GhostLit Rep.

            “We are so very sad to see the departure of such a brilliant talent, and I only wish Caitlin the absolute best and many wonderful successes on her future creative endeavors. I have always thought the world of her talent, and having had the great privilege to work alongside her these past three years, I know she will continue to create beautiful and meaningful work”, said Lang, who will now serve as sole Artistic Director of GhostLit Repertory Theatre Company.

“Harrison will continue to do beautiful things with the organization,” said Teeley, regarding the announcement. “Being able to collaborate with such an extraordinary group of performers, and the productions we have mounted together has been the proudest achievement of my life. The next chapter for myself and GhostLit alike promises to be the best one yet, and I’m excited to continue to evolve with my craft with a mix of new and familiar faces.”

Next up for GhostLit Repertory Theatre Company is What Sondheim Means to Me, an evening of storytelling and music, this production will pay tribute to the genius of Stephen Sondheim while also celebrating his 90th Birthday. Many of his beloved songs will be performed from “Maria”, to “Last Midnight”, and “Finishing the Hat”. The performance will take place at The Foundry in West Stockbridge at 7pm, and will run one night only, Friday, March 27th. For more info, please visit

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