John & Abigail Adams’ Letters Focus of “A Marriage of True Minds” at Schenectady Civic Players

John & Abigail Adams’ letters provide focus of A Marriage of True Minds at Schenectady Civic Players.

The letters of John & Abigail Adams, written to each other during the American revolution,  provide the focus for the revolutionary love story, A Marriage of True Minds a play by Martin P. Kelly scheduled for one special performance  Sunday, February 16 at 2:30 pm at Schenectady Civic Players, 12 so. Church St. Schenectady.

Over a period of ten years, 1774 to 1784, the height of the American revolution, John & Abigail Adams wrote more than eleven hundred letters that still exist today. Author and playwright Martin P. Kelly searched through more than 200 of their letters. He excerpted their actual words, compressed five years of time and space, and wove a brief portrayal of this magnificent couple the play reflects at least 95% of their actual words.

During those ten years, future president John Adams — as a member of the American congress, as a leader in writing the Declaration of lndependence — spent almost seven years separated from his wife, Abigail, while conducting the business of forming a new government.

The main stage production features Bill Hickman (as John Adams) and Rita Russell (as Abigail Adams) who have performed the play throughout the capital region and the northeast including  the Adams’ birthplace and home of Quincy, Massachusetts.

All proceeds from this performance benefit Schenectady Civic Players. Centennial fund. The $15 general admission ticket includes a complementary post-performance dessert reception in the green room. Purchase tickets in advance at call 518-382-2081.  Or buy at the door before performance.


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