The Foundry Hosts Stitch N’ Bitch Session Along with a Voter Registration

WEST STOCKBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS— In conjunction with the Tiny Pricks Project: Empower and Reclaim exhibit, and the National Women’s March 2020, The Foundry (2 Harris Street in West Stockbridge, MA) will be hosting a final 5 hour-long Stitch N’ Bitch session along with a Voter Registration, Saturday January 18th at 2 PM.

At 7:30 PM local artists will perform in the black- box. The event culminates with artist/ activist Pops Peterson as he delivers his new presentation “The Making of a Protest Artist” which will center on those artists whose artwork itself was devoted to making political change. Peterson will examine the reasons why the artists were prompted to devote their work to activism and, in the second part of his speech, will discuss his own personal journey from landscape and portrait painting to activist art.

The bar will be open and we will be serving specialty cocktails for the evening:

– The Impeach- Mint
– Bloody Mary Bleeding Out of Her Wherever

Doors/ Bar Open: 2PM
Performance/ Talk Tickets: $15

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