Silverthorne Theater is Throwing a Party

Greenfield, MA – On Friday, November 8, Silverthorne Theater Company is throwing a party, ACT TWO: A SILVERTHORNE CELEBRATION, open to all, to mark the successful conclusion of our 2019 Season. No charge; doors open at 8 pm at the Pushkin Gallery at the corner of Main and Federal Streets in downtown Greenfield, MA.

Dress is casual and the atmosphere relaxed. There will be live entertainment with reprises from past shows and seasons provided by Silverthorne regulars. A cash bar and cake will round out the evening which ends at 10 pm. Reservations are not needed for this free event.

During the evening, we’ll pay homage to our fabulous 2019 Season that featured such productions as Tales of the Lost Formicans, The Fantasticks, The Revolutionists, and The Diary of Anne Frank.


We will also celebrate Lucinda Kidder’s retirement as Co-founding Producing Artistic Director who is stepping down after six years in that post. Kidder plans to continue to help out as coordinator of public relations and marketing as a board member.

Silverthorne’s two new co-producers, Rebecca Daniels and Carmela Lanza-Weil, will be there to talk about the theater’s exciting plans for 2020 and beyond. Attendees will have an opportunity to make an investment in the company’s future with pledges or donations.

Details about the event can be found at STC’s web site:

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