$1M Donation to Proctors Collaborative – Wright Family Foundation Makes an Investment for Schenectady

$1M donation “a vote of confidence” in Proctors Collaborative 

Wright Family Foundation makes “an investment in tomorrow” for Schenectady

SCHENECTADY, N.Y.—OCT. 29, 2019—With a landmark $1 million donation, The Wright Family Foundation has cast a vote of confidence for a new era at Proctors Collaborative. The gift will serve as a matching grant to leverage an additional $1 million to be raised for Proctors. The $2 million in total will be aimed at providing a working capital investment to help the organization grow as a regional platform for arts and cultural services.


“With Proctors Collaborative, Schenectady has become a leader for arts and community development,” says Wright Family Foundation Chair Heather Ward. “We believe in their regional vision and we hope this gift will challenge other philanthropists to match our investment in the organization.”


“This will have an enormous impact,” says Proctors Collaborative CEO Philip Morris. “The Wright Family Foundation is thinking about bigger impact, and so are we.”


The contribution, “is an investment in tomorrow,” according to Proctors Relationships Director Dan Hanifin, and marks the single largest foundation gift in the not-for-profit’s history.


It will greatly bolster the organization’s operating effectiveness at a time when it is expanding education programs to serve more than 45,000 students and will soon be opening two new venues in Albany and Saratoga Springs, as well as developing a microgrid to generate power and provide a resilient storm shelter in downtown Schenectady.


“We have the opportunity to do so many good things,” says Morris, “but from the beginning, we have lacked the resources to take advantage of those opportunities.”


“This gift—it’s just inspirational—will allow us to operate more efficiently, invest in our mission priorities, and have an even greater impact on the lives around us. We are so proud to be such a part of Schenectady’s history and even prouder to be part of the region’s arts future.”

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