Open Stage Media receives 2019 Nor’easter Award for Overall Excellence

SCHENECTADY, N.Y.—OCT. 9, 2019—Open Stage Media will receive a 2019 Nor’easter Award for Overall Excellence at The Alliance for Community Media Northeast Region Conference, held Thursday, Oct. 31 in Portland, Maine.


Founded in 1976, the Alliance represents over 3,000 public, educational and governmental access organizations and community media centers throughout the country, operating under the belief that, “In order for democracy to flourish, people must be active participants in their government, educated to think critically and free to express themselves.”


For OSM, the award marks a victory for its platform of “Local Free Speech.”


Station Director Zebulon Schmidt says, “This award is validation that, at 10 years in, Open Stage Media continues to be a vital local resource for freedom of speech. We continue to be the vessel for the people who live in the Capital Region community to stay in touch with local government affairs and communicate ideas with their neighbors. I am very proud of the communities we service and the staff of OSM and Proctors Collaborative, who make it happen daily.”


Open Stage Media at Proctors manages and operates public, educational and government access cable television for both Schenectady county and the city of Albany, offering residents and community organizations enhanced opportunities to share opinions, ideas and interests.


Video Content Manager Brendan Tenan will represent OSM at the awards ceremony, which offers trophies in 22 categories. OSM’s award is for General Excellence in the Under $300,000 budget category, and testifies to the station’s “value to the community served over the course of the year.”

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