“What We See” Theater Works at 33 Hawley Street and SCDT


What We See
A.P.E. @ Hawley is launching “What We See”, a month long project of five theater works in development at 33 Hawley Street and  School for Contemporary Dance and Thought (SCDT) from July 7 – August 4, 2019..  “What We See” is designed to provide support for the evolving work of these five artists and artist groups. Each project will be provided a week of time and space in the flexible performance space at 33 Hawley St. and at SCDT, and will culminate in public showings at the end of each week.  Each project was selected because of its unique vision- use of spoken language and movement, use of other mediums, choice of performers and audiences they hope to reach.  “What We See” will assist each project deepen their investigations of what makes theater.

July 28-Aug.4: Real Live Theatre develops a new script, Far Reaches, culminating in a public reading/sharing.  Ellen Morbyrne , co-founder of RLT, has written a first draft of a play called Far Reaches, in the genre of Cli-Fi (Climate Science Fiction, a genre of fiction that deals with the impacts of climate change and global warming). This full-length, two-person piece is set in a world of endless oceans where people live exclusively on rafts. It is a play that does invite audiences to consider the impacts of their own choices regarding climate change, but it is primarily a play about connection: How do we remember, and what do we remember? How do we survive, and how do we thrive? What are the ways in which we are different from one another, and what do we share in common? What happens to us in isolation, and what is connection worth to us? A workshop/staged reading version of the play will be shared with the public with a talk back.  Public Showing: Sunday, August 4 at 2 & 5 pm. Sliding scale starts at $10.

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