Movement Without Borders: Open-level Movement Workshops at PS21

Movement Without Borders: open-level movement workshops at PS21 Chatham
Throughout the summer, PS21 invites you to visit our grounds, surrounded by apple orchards in the Berkshire foothills, for Movement Without Borders, a series of novel 90-minute experiences dedicated to the mind, body, and spirit. Led by contemporary dance and theater luminaries, Movement Without Borders is pay-what-you-wish, ongoing, and informal. All classes are held on the theater’s stage or in the PS21 Dance Barn.

Thursday, July 25th 6:00pm – Michelle Boulé

“Ms. Boulé, 35, is one of her generation’s many strong examples of the dancer as artist. She has worked with a Who’s Who of choreographers, including Deborah Hay, John Jasperse, Beth Gill and Donna Uchizono. For the past 12 years she has been chiefly associated with Miguel Gutierrez, anchoring many of his expansive, ambitious dances. Her resonant channeling of James Dean in his “Last Meadow” earned her a 2010 Bessie award.” — Claudia La Rocco, The New York Times

Michelle will teach “Art Healing Making Doing Being.”

Somatics and healing systems are an integral component to Michelle’s artistic and physical practices. This workshop weaves these interests together by setting up dynamic containers for creativity, personal transformation, and artistic growth. Some components include guided improvisations that address how our movement impulses connect us to our abilities to listen and trust, and more specific movement structures that examine rhythm, cycles, and the aesthetic enlivening of “stepping into” one’s own unique expression. As always “community is our teacher,” and we will use the group wisdom to bring us all further

Saturday, July 27th 10:30am – Kimberly Bartosik & Roderick Murphy
Choreographer Kimberly Bartosik and Light Designer Roderick Murphy, will offer Light & Body Workshop

This workshop is based loosely on ideas that Merce Cunningham and Robert Rauschenberg used to create Winterbranch (1964) and gives people the chance to be both movers and designers in a very rogue, experimental way. It is perfect for a community that is interested in being creative but not necessarily focusing on technique.

Bessie Award-winning performer Kimberly Bartosik’s work has been commissioned and presented by BAM Next Wave Festival,  Wexner Arts Center, American Dance Festival, Dance Theater Workshop, French Institute Alliance Française’s Crossing the Line Festival, Festival Rencontres Chorégraphique Inter-nationales de Seine-Saint Denis (France), Artdanthe Festival (France), BEAT Festival, The Kitchen, La MaMa, Mount Tremper Arts, and Movement Research.

Bartosik is a 2017—19 New York Live Arts Live Feed Residency Artist where she is developing I hunger, the sister piece to I hunger for you, for a December 2019 premiere.Bartosik was a member of the Merce Cun-ningham Dance Company for nine years and received a Bessie Award for artistic excellence in his work.

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