Confetti Stage Seeks Directors for Confetti Fest

Confetti Stage, presenter of Confetti Fest, the longest-running short play festival in Albany, NY. Is seeking 5 directors for its latest slate of original, locally-written short plays.

The festival will run October 4th – 13th 2019, with a total of 7 performances. Casting and Auditions will be in late August. Performances, auditions, and rehearsals will all take place at the Albany Masonic Hall, 67 Corning Place, Albany, NY.

The synopses and character breakdowns for the plays are as follows:

Not A Superhero Story by Steve Maggio

Synopsis: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…boring office job. Filled with interns, a copy-machine and a mean boss, Louis wishes life were more like the superhero movies he watches. But when some sort of mysterious liquid crosses path with Louis, things are about to become slightly less ordinary. After all, this is not a superhero story.

Character Breakdown:

Louis – the main character of our story. Nerdy, kind-hearted guy who has been down on his luck his entire life and loves superheroes. Male. Age-range: 21-35.

Skippy – Louis’ best friend and side-character of our story. Dependable with always a wisecrack ready at the helm. Male or Female. Age-range: 21-35.

Female – Brand new intern in the office and more than just a pretty face of our story. Will she be more than just your run-of-the-mill love interest? Female. Age-range: 21-35.

Elliot Wellington Junior the Third – The snide, stuck-up intern who everybody dislikes of our story. Is he villain material or just a snobby rich guy? Male. Age-range: 21-35.

Pearson – a mean, money-loving manager and the main villain of our story. Smokes a cigar and has an evil plan to boot. Female. Age-range: 35-75.

The Curtain by Steve Henel

Synopsis: Gobb crashes a private viewing prior to the burial of his late friend, Sarge. Sarge was a trans veteran who was given a dishonorable discharge because she transitioned after the deadline of the Trump ban on openly trans Americans serving in the military.

Character Breakdown: Gobb: an American veteran of Afghanistan in his 20s or 30s. Chatty, vulgar, and haunted.

The Doomed and the Daring by Laura Darling

Synopsis: Frank has locked himself in his attic, convinced he must write the greatest love poem to win back his ex-lover, Sarah. Concerned for his mental and physical well being, his best friend Alan breaks in to convince him to re-join reality. It is a play about loss and the journey to pick up the pieces of broken years.

Character Breakdown:

Frank: (male, any age) Recently single and not loving it.

Alan: (male, any age) Frank’s best friend.

Sarah: (female, similar age to Frank) Frank’s soon to be ex.

The Gallery by Xavier Rene

Synopsis: When Valencia runs into another critic at her favorite artist’s gallery she learns a lot more about art than she was expecting. Through a charming guise artist Carmen Guerra shows Valencia just how wrong (or
right) she was about art and all the things it could be.

Character Breakdown:

Velencia Lopez- An art critic. Latina woman 27. She is young and wide eyed with a constant air of excitement around her. Dresses perfectly. She is talkative and obsessed with the up-and-coming artist Carmen Guerra.

Carmen Guerra- An artist. Latina woman 29. She is aloof and pessimistic talking with a constant air of irony in her voice. Dressed in hobo chic. Knows way too much about art.

The Tight-Rope Walker by Julie Demers

Synopsis: On his birthday, former circus performer Alexander Popovich, 62 years old, goes for his last walk on the line.

Characters: Alexander Popovich, 62 years old. He is warm, experienced, wise. Good sense of self. Loves his family.

Any interested parties should contact Confetti Stage by Friday, June 21st using the email and the subject “Directors for Confetti Fest 15.”

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