Circle Theater Players Announces Auditions for “Church and State”

Circle Theater Players announces auditions for Jason Odell Williams’

Church and State

Directed by Patrick White

Church & State is a fast-paced dramedy about faith, politics, and “The Twitter.” It’s three days before Charles Whitmore’s Senate reelection and he’s decided to finally tell the public exactly what’s on his mind, no filter. What could possibly go wrong?

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.

Audition dates: June 11th and 12th 2019 @ 7PM

Available Roles:
Charles Whitmore-born and raised in North Carolina, he is a former state senator, now incumbent Junior U.S. Senator up for reelection. 30s-60s

Sara Whitmore- A big, brassy former real estate agent. She is smart, sassy and instantly likable. She’s a tough Southern woman with a soft underbelly. 30s-50s

Alex Klein-NYC liberal, Jewish campaign manager. Professional, smart, fast-talker and very good at what she does. 20s-40s

Tom/Marshall/Reporter/Security-a fun set of roles, with Tom being the part that appears the most throughout, a good chance to live three different people (and wardrobe).

All ethnicities will be considered for all roles.

20 rehearsals, Sun-Wed evenings.
Patrick White

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