Pittsfield Shakespeare in the Park Auditions for “Much Ado About Nothing”

Pittsfield Shakespeare in the Park is casting non-union actors its 2019 free outdoor production of Much Ado About Nothing directed by Maizy Broderick Scarpa, running August 1525, 2019 at the First Street Common in Pittsfield.

The show will feature 8-10 actors in doubled roles, so actors should submit two brief contrasting Shakespeare monologues – comedic and dramatic. Total submission should be 4 minutes or less. Choose material that is geared towards the roles you are interested in. Please submit the following to auditions@pittsfieldshakespeare.org  by May 27th:

a headshot or recent photo

resume, if you have one

a link to your audition video online (YouTube or Vimeo or Dropbox, etc.  No large attachments, please)

your weekly availability

Rehearsals will take place in the evenings and weekends starting around July 20. Actors should indicate their weekly availability using this draft of the rehearsal calendar (subject to change).

Character Breakdown

NOTE: We are seeking an expansive and diverse cast for this production – we would love your help in passing on the audition information to anybody you think may be interested. Casting is flexible in regards to gender, race, or ethnicity.

The following is the proposed doubling scheme, which may change based on the actors that are cast:

BEATRICE  witty and sardonic, take-no-prisoners attitude, not about hitching her fortunes to a man, also plays VERGES  sycophantic second-in-command of the Nights Watch

HERO playful and hopeful young woman, falls in love with Claudio also plays DOGBERRY  the bumbling leader of the Nights Watch

MARGARET   friend and confidante to Hero and Beatrice, also plays CONRADE confidante to Don John and Borachio, a mischief maker who strives for more, also plays FRIAR  wise and helpful leader who tries to make the best out of a bad situation

BENEDICK  smart-aleck soldier and friend to Claudio, eager to remain a bachelor, also plays WATCHMAN a member of the Nights Watch

CLAUDIO  a idealistic young soldier who falls in love with Hero, also plays SEACOAL  a member of the Nights Watch

DON PEDRO  the Prince of Aragon, a pillar of the community and too-trusting friend to all also plays OATCAKE a member of the Nights Watch

DON JOHN  Pedros vengeful brother, eager to cause trouble to the community, also plays SEXTON  a stuffy community official, also plays MESSENGER an eager helper

LEONATO  the head of the household, parent of Hero, strives to improve the lives of loved ones, also plays BORACHIO  supporter and lackey of Don John, eager to prove his worth through bad behavior

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