Valley Light Opera Announces Auditions for “Camelot”

The Valley Light Opera is a volunteer-run operation. Get involved onstage, backstage, in the orchestra, behind the scenes, or as part of the production team!


Audition for VLO’s Fall 2019 production of Camelot!

Performances November 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10 at the Academy of Music in Northampton, MA.

VLO’s production of Camelot will be holding auditions on May 3 and 4 at Wesley Methodist Church, 98 North Maple St. Hadley, MA. Please sign up for an audition slot HERE.

Artistic Director: Mary Jane Disco

Music Director: Aldo Fabrizi


Casting for Lerner and Lowe’s Camelot
Please note the ages noted are suggestions of how one must appear, not how old you actually are.

Cast size: Large as needed
Dance Requirements: Standard

Character Breakdown:

Arthur – An idealistic, compassionate and generous young King. He tends to be unsure of himself, but serves as a huge inspiration to others and strives to lead based on honor and chivalry.
Age 25-40
Vocal range: A2-Eb4
Songs to prepare for audition: I Wonder What the King is Doing Tonight (pickup to m. 91 to the end), How to Handle a Woman (m. 57 – m. 86)

Guenevere – A lovely and spirited young woman and soon to be queen. She loves Arthur and his righteous ways, but is suddenly thrown with the arrival of Lancelot.
Age 20-35
Vocal range B3-A5
Songs to prepare for audition: Before I Gaze at You Again (whole song), The Lusty Month of May (pickup to m. 255 to the end)

Lancelot – A self involved French Knight who is very used to excelling at everything. He is pious and self righteous. In Arthur’s eyes he can do no wrong.
Age: 20-35
Vocal range: A2-B4
Songs to prepare for audition: C’est Moi (2nd verse – pickup to m. 33 – end), If Ever I Should Leave You (m. 55 – 111)

Pellinore – An old and eccentric knight, devoted to Arthur.  The comic relief.  Pellinore does not have a singing role.
Age: 50-70

Mordred – The illegitimate son of Arthur, bound to destroy his kingdom.  Snakelike and snivelly. A true coward’s coward.
Age: 20-30
Vocal range: C3-D4
Song to prepare for audition: The Seven Deadly Virtues (whole song)

Nimue – a mythical spirit who lures Merlyn away and steals his magical powers.
Vocal range: Eb4-Eb5
Song to prepare for audition: Follow Me (beginning – m. 25)

Merlyn – King Arthur’s long time mentor. A wizard who ages backwards
Age: Old enough to wear a long white beard.  Merlin does not have a singing role.

Morgan LeFey – Mordred’s magical Aunt who casts a spell on King Arthur. Morgan LeFey is brash. She is a comic role. She does not sing.

Morgan Le Fey’s Court – consists of weird and startling animals, fairies, birds.  Her court will be made up of children and adults.

Sir Dinadin – a tenor

Sir Sagramore – a bass

Sir Lionel – a bass

These three knights are favored by Guenevere.  They are jealous of Lancelot and challenge him to a joust. Each knight has some lines and they travel as a group, similar to the Three Goons in G&S’s Princess Ida, the Three Amigos or the Three Stooges.

Squire Dap – a baritone, is Lancelot’s man.  He is persuaded to join Mordred’s gang.

Lady Ann – is Lady-in-waiting to Guenevere.  She is very loyal to her.

Named Knights: Brackley, Colgrevance, Bliant, Guilliam, Castor, Clarius

Named Ladies-in-waiting: Lady Sybil, Lady Catherine

There are several Heralds and Pages, each with specific duties and small speaking parts.

Tom of Warwick – a young stowaway whom Arthur knights, in hopes that he will spread the word of chivalry and Camelot.  Tom will be a member of the chorus and should prepare a song to sing.  See Ensemble notes.

Ensemble – The townspeople will be a very diverse group of characters, as in any town.  It would be fun to have jugglers, acrobats, a troubadour, and more.

The knights will reflect our military of today.  Men and women may sit at the round table.

It is possible to have Men-in-waiting and Pages are not gender defined.

Remember, this is a Utopian state, in which there is no reality except the one we create.

There are a number of minor (but oh so important) speaking roles. We will select those characters from the Ensemble.  We will have sides for you to read at auditions. Please make note on your form that you are interested in a speaking role.

We are looking to cast a colorful, talented company.  There will be simple dances and more intricate dances.  Children, seven and older may audition as long as a parent or guardian will be available to supervise.

Age:  all ages
Vocal range: open
Songs to prepare for audition: one of your choosing preferably from a classic Broadway show of the Camelot style – Lerner and Lowe, Rodgers and Hammerstein, etc…

Artistic Director’s note:
My vision for Camelot is that it is a Utopian state where no rules apply and unexpected things may happen.  This is an exquisite, well known and magical show. What is most required of everyone is energy, enthusiasm, dedication, camaraderie and positivity.

We will be rehearsing Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7-9:30, and Sundays from 5-9. All rehearsals will be at Wesley Methodist Church in Hadley though it’s possible we may rehearse elsewhere when we combine rehearsals with the orchestra. We are extremely grateful to the church for their generosity. The best way we can honor them is to be the best we can be.  Promptness, alertness, attentiveness, sincerity and respect are required for this show to be ready for our November curtain.  Those of you who don’t know me will soon learn that the singlemost request I have of each of you is to use GOOD DICTION!  If the audience cannot understand your words they won’t enjoy it as much.

Music Director’s Note:
Though there are many “speaking roles” which don’t require solo singing, these roles will be included in the chorus whenever it is appropriate for their character to do so.

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