Lake George Dinner Theatre Auditions

Auditions Saturday March 30 9:30-5:30 at Skidmore College

This will be an equity dinner theater contract.  All rehearsals during the day everyday for two weeks.  There will be three matinee shows (Tues, Wed, Thurs. at 1:00) and four evening shows (Wed-Sat at 8:00) every week of the run.  Seven performances per week.  Theater is located in Lake George and all rehearsals will be in Glens Falls.

Please do not audition if you cannot commit to this schedule.



Written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Adapted by Steven Canny & John Nicholson
Directed by Jarel Davidow

Show runs July 11th – August 31st
> First Rehearsal:  June 27th

Character Breakdown:

Three actors play 14 different roles in this fast-paced comedic adaptation.  Seeking actors who have a facility with multiple British characters and accents (RP, cockney, geordie, midlands, etc.).  All three actors should be mid 30s-40s.  All three roles open to any gender or ethnicity — just looking for funny.

  • Actor 1 – Sherlock Holmes, Mr. Stapleton, Cecile Stapleton, Mr. Barrymore, Mrs. Barrymore, Yokel
  • Actor 2 – Watson, Yokel
  • Actor 3 – Sir Charles Baskerville, Sir Henry Baskerville, Dr. Mortimer, Cabbie, Yokel, Wise Yokel



Written by Sam Bobrick
Directed by Jarel Davidow

Show runs Sept 12th – Oct 19th
> First Rehearsal:  Aug 29th 

Character Breakdown:

  • Eva Baskin – Late 60s; Possibly the sweetest woman in the world.  Incapable of giving or taking offense.  Everything she says or does is with a smile on her face and a song in her heart.
  • Terry Winters – Mid 20s; A nice young man still finding his way in life.  He knows he wants something, just not sure what it is — even when it’s right in front of him.
  • Kira Haskell – Mid 20s; Smart, confident young woman, who is very comfortable in her own skin.
  • John Haskell – Early 60s; Kira’s father.  Distinguished, but tough alpha-male.  A high-acheiver with a very high opinion of himself.  Owns eight banks.  Wants what’s best for Kira, which he thinks is someone just like him.
  • Wendell Sash – Mid 40s; World’s greatest salesman!

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