Hubbard Hall Announces the Launch of a New Blog Focusing on Arts Issues

Hubbard Hall Center for the Arts and Education and Executive & Artistic Director David Snider are proud to announce the official launch today of Mr. Snider’s new blog focused on issues in the arts, education and community.  Says Mr. Snider:

“I’ll be using this forum to discuss issues in the arts, education and community. I’ll also be talking about current projects, programs and challenges at Hubbard Hall, the amazing arts and education center I manage in Upstate NY. This blog will allow me to give the public further insights into why we’re doing what we’re doing – and give me a chance to communicate my thoughts on local, regional and national issues that affect us here.

I welcome everyone’s comments. I’ll also be sharing some thoughts on what it’s like to run an arts center in rural America in the 21st century. And how our mission of gathering people from all walks of life to create, learn and grow together, in order to enrich lives and the life of our community is both very new – and quite old – at the same time.”

The launch of this blog is part of Hubbard Hall’s overall communications strategy aimed at more actively communicating with audiences and participants in its programming, while also sparking conversations across the community about intersections in creativity and community in rural America today.  Mr. Snider will also begin a new arts column in Cambridge’s hometown newspaper of The Eagle, starting with the March 7 issue, aimed at highlighting local and national arts issues.

Questions can be emailed to:

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