Will Kempe’s Players Announce Auditions for “A Midsummer Night’s Dream & “Hamlet”


PRODUCTIONS: A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
PRODUCER: Will Kempe’s Players Cooperative | 442 2nd Street, Troy, NY 12180
CONTRACT: Will see AEA and non-AEA actors; performance and production roles available; applicants can work in either or both productions

DATES: Rehearsals starts 4/2/19, first perf 6/21/19; last perf 9/8/19. (Reh: Mondays thru Thursday 6-10pm; Performances in repertory Saturday and Sunday)
SALARY: Stipend for day-players and production staff based on level of involvement
TOUR DESCRIPTION:* Day trips only within 90 m radius, no out of area overnights.


PRODUCTION SYNOPSIS: Lovers both wanted and undesired find themselves pawns in a chess-game fairy custody battle leading to a donkey love story and a play within a play enjoyed by Grecian royalty.

PRODUCTION SYNOPSIS: Prince of Denmark deeply troubled by the recent death of his father and his mother?s almost immediate marriage to his uncle crusades to avenge his father?s perceived murder leaving destruction, madness and death behind to remind us of our finite mortality and what is the true meaning of loyalty.

NOTE: Actors play multiple roles in this original practices take on full-length Shakespeare classics; A Midsummer Night’s Dream is performed alone throughout June and July; both productions are performed in repertory beginning in August


OPEN TRACKS (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)

PUCK (Robin Goodfellow): fairy, motormouth, trickster in service of Oberon

BOTTOM/PYRAMUS: Actor soon to be donkey; title role in play within a play

HIPPOLITA/TITANIA: Quick-witted Duchess and strong wife of Duke Theseus, leader of Athens; Fairy queen who does not suffer fools and falls in love with a donkey

QUINCE/THISBE’S FATHER/PEASEBLOSSOM: Director of play within a play; Father of title character Thisbe of play within a play; Fairy in service of TItania

SNOUT/PYRAMUS’ FATHER/COBWEB: Player in Quince?s company; Father of title character Pyramus of play within a play; Fairy in service of Titania

STARVELING/THISBE’S MOTHER/MOTH: Player in Quince?s company; Mother of title character Thisbe of play within a play; Fairy in service of TItania

SNUG/LION/MUSTARDSEED: Player in Quince?s company; Lion of play within a play; Fairy in service of Titania FLUTE/THISBE/FAIRY: Player in Quince’s company; title character of play within a play; Fairy in service of Titania EGEUS/PHILOSTRATE: Father of Hermia; Duke Theseus’ event planner

ENSEMBLE ROLES AVAILABLE: fairies (two trains), musicians, courtiers, attendants


GERTRUDE: Queen of Denmark caught between her love for her son and her obligations as a monarch

LAERTES: Formidable brother of Ophelia, swordplay master, major francophile

OPHELIA/NORWEGIAN ARMY: Daughter of Polonius and sister of Laertes, childhood friend and love of Hamlet, beautiful singer, fast reader, sincere and soulful

VOLTEMAND/LUCIANUS (PLAYER)/SAILOR/OSIRIC: Traveling companion of Cornelius and uncle of Fortinbras; murderer in play within a play; sailor; sent by Claudius to invite Hamlet to a duel with Laertes

CORNELIUS/PLAYER/CAPTAIN/NORWEGIAN ARMY: Companion to Voltemand; actor in play within a play; sea captain; army soldier

Interested? Apply online here

Prefer to stay out of the spotlight? We get it. If you are interested specifically in a production role (no acting), please review the available roles listed below and complete the link to express your interest.

PRODUCTION ROLES AVAILABLE (MIDSUMMER): Assistant Director, Producer, Assistant Production Designer, Interim Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Box Office Manager, Box Office Assistant, Prompter

PRODUCTION ROLES (HAMLET): Producer, Props, Wardrobe Maintenance

Interested? Apply online here

Submit In Person:
The Church | 2247 13th Street, Troy, NY 12180
Saturday, February 2nd, 2019, 2PM-5PM

Submit Online:
Use the above links or go to www.willkempesplayers.com/auditions

NOTE: All applicants must audition in person on February 2nd at The Church between 2 and 5pm. Callbacks will be the following day, 2/3, at the same location and the same time frame.

Bring: headshot/resume stapled, 2 prepared monologues: one early modern (Shakespeare) and one contemporary. Bring a presentation of skill (i.e. music, combat, circus, dance, etc.) to share with the group.
No appointment necessary, though sign up is first come-first served.

Please read the following orientation, preparation, expectations, and specific scheduling information at www.willkempesplayers.com/auditions

Questions may be emailed to willkempesplayers@gmail.com or directed to 518-396-7832

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