Mohawk Trail Regional High School Presents “The Odd Couple”

Neil Simon’s “The Odd Couple” will be performed by Mohawk Trail Regional High School students at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Dec. 14 and 15, at the school.
Tickets are $5 to $10 and free for students.

In the play, neat-freak Felix Ungar and messy friend Oscar Madison try sharing an apartment with hilarious results. When Ungar’s marriage falls apart, he has nowhere to turn but his uncontrollably messy friend, Oscar. The mismatched combination proves volatile, and both friends are tested as they attempt to navigate their less-than-ideal living situation.

This staging of Neil Simon’s iconic comedy will not only celebrate the playwright, who died on August 26, but will also update the play to reflect today’s understanding of gender roles and relationship, says Director Jonah Godfrey of Shelburne Falls. Godfrey recently returned to Shelburne Falls after graduating from Emerson College’s theater education program. It was during his 9 years in the Mohawk Public Schools that he fell in love with theater, so he feels honored and thrilled to be directing on the stage where he acted in his first play.

The cast includes Sarah Close as Oscar, Oliver Flynn as Felix, Connor Bailey as Murray, Natalie Szewczyk as Roy, Emery King as Speed, Abigail Hawk-Wickline as Vinnie, Jessica Choiniere as Gwendolyn Pigeon, Julia Hager as Cecily Pigeon.

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