Ashfield Community Theater Auditions for “The Lion in Winter”

Auditions for the brilliant and witty “The Lion in Winter” will happen in Ashfield at 3 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 1, and 10 a.m. on Sunday, Dec. 2, at the Belding Library at 344 Main St.

The play will happen in February at Ashfield Town Hall.

“The Lion in Winter” premiered in 1966. It concerns the most powerful, and the most fascinating family, of the 12th century: Henry II of England and his combative wife and children. The play is about the entanglements of personal life and enduring passions and enmities, with grand political questions.

Graham Christian of Pelham is directing. He is working with Ashfield Community Theater, whose spring play, “It Can’t Happen Here,” he directed last May.

Auditions will be low-key. Auditioners will be asked to read lines from several scenes of the play. No prepared monologues are necessary. Newcomers and veteran actors are welcome!

Help is also needed on costumes, props, the set, lighting, sound, publicity, the program and house management.

Several roles have been cast. Actors auditioning will be considered for the following roles. The ages are approximations.

French princess Alais Capet. 23, Lovely, bright, compassionate. Displaced and a little lost.

Geoffrey Plantagenet. Slim and attractive; 25. “The best brain of a brainy family.”

John Plantagenet. 16. A rather childish as well as childlike 16; spoiled but sweet.

Philip Capet, 18; beautiful young man; intelligent, haughty, and sinuous.

For more information, contact Graham Christian at or Jackie Walsh at

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