Auditions for “Gloria” at Albany Civic Theater

“Gloria” by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
Auditions September. Plays November. Albany Civic Theater
Directed by Patrick White

Asian-American Female, 20s: An assistant. Fabulous, trendy, you may mistake her for flighty but she’s potentially the sharpest person in the room. Loud and opinionated. Must have comic chops. Graduated Berkeley and Harvard.

African-American Male, 20s. The intern. Quiet, keeps to himself, doesn’t make much of an impression. He works hard, but that could be ambition or just because he has nowhere else to go. Goes to Harvard, got this internship through an acclaimed professor.

Any Race Male, late 30s: Recently promoted head fact checker. “A sad sad sad sad guy.” He’s been at the magazine for way too long and resents his own success in the fact checking department.

Caucasian Male, late 20s: An assistant. Aggressive, driven, desperately trying to break out of his position and potentially killing himself in the process. He is gay.

Any Race Female, late 30s: A copy editor. She’s worked at the magazine too long and is now worn out in a way that’s given her a manic, wired, testy energy.

Caucasian Female, early 20s: An assistant. Exacting, a “pretty nerd”—the kind of girl who wears her mother’s dresses. She did a Fulbright and speaks too many languages for her own good. She does a lot, but she doesn’t really know what she wants to do.

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