ArtsBeat Radio Returns to Weekly Broadcasts on 89.5FM/WSKB on May 25

ArtsBeat Radio, the hour-long arts and entertainment program returns to its weekly Friday time slot from 8AM-9AM on 89.5FM/WSKB beginning May 25. Produced for 89.5FM/WSKB by Mark G. Auerbach Public Relations, and hosted by Mark G. Auerbach, ArtsBeat columnist for The Westfield News Group, ArtsBeat Radio, which launched last May, will showcase the diverse performing arts scene in Southern New England.

Mark G. Auerbach, host of ArtsBeat Radio

“We initially came to WSKB as a limited-run summer series last year, but we continued on a monthly basis after the summer,” said Auerbach. “We’re back on a weekly schedule year-round, and we’ll continue to bring some of our region’s finest talents into the WSKB studios to talk about the state of their arts, and what it’s like to create music, dance, and theatre here in Western New England.”

Some of ArtsBeat Radio’s upcoming guests include: Daniel Elihu Kramer, Artistic Director of Chester Theatre Company; Shawn Farley from the UMass Fine Arts Center; Rorianne Schrade from Sevenars Concerts; David M. Lutken, star of The Will Rogers Follies at Goodspeed, and actor/director Eric Hill. ArtsBeat Radio will also produce two summer specials, one from the stage of the Fitzpatrick Theatre with members of The Berkshire Theatre Group’s 90th Anniversary Season, and one from Cranwell Resort in Lenox with members of the political satire group The Capitol Steps.

Mark G. Auerbach studied theatre at Northfield Mount Hermon School, American University and The Yale School of Drama. After working at Wolf Trap outside Washington, DC; Houston Grand Opera and Houston Ballet, Connecticut Ballet, The Springfield Symphony, Greater Miami Opera, and StageWest, he opened a public relations consultancy. As an arts reporter, he has written extensively for newspapers, magazines, and radio.

89.5FM/WSKB, Radio For The Western Masses, is licensed to serve Westfield State University and the Greater Westfield, MA area. WSKB runs Community Radio programming daily from 6AM-10AM. Arts Beat Radio and other WSKB programming  can be heard at 89.5FM, on Comcast Channel 15 in Westfield, and streamed by or at Previously-aired programs are archived on YouTube.

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