Crailo State Historic Site Seeks African-American Actors for Pinkster Monologues

Crailo State Historic Site is currently looking for 5 total actors – 2 African American men ages 18-55 and 3 African American women ages 18-55 to portray free and enslaved Africans during the colonial period and perform a dramatic monologue. The performance will involve the celebration of a holiday celebrated by free and enslaved Africans in New York called Pinkster.

Audition dates April 11th  and 19th
5:30pm -7:30pm

Schuyler Mansion State Historic Site
32 Catherine St, Albany, NY 12202
(518) 434-0834

Register to audition via email:
Please send your full name, contact number and age to the email address below with Pinkster Audition in the subject line.

Any questions please contact:
Heidi Hill –
(518) 434-0834

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