Aglet Theatre & Dewey Hall Reading of “Three Viewings”

Aglet Theatre Company and Dewey Memorial Hall present a reading of “Three Viewings” by Jeffrey Hatcher, directed by Thomas Gruenewald, featuring Deann Halper, Bruce T. Paddock, and Gail Ryan. (This is a fully staged reading)

SATURDAY, MARCH 17, 2018, At Dewey Memorial Hall, 91 Main St. (Route 7) Sheffield, Massachusetts

Jeffrey Hatcher’s distinctly well-turned monologues turns three funeral viewings into three fascinating stories about love and death, with both gentle comedy and a touching twist.   Hatcher effortlessly tosses off great lines, great character names, and charming and original characters.

“Never underestimate the appeal of a good yarn. What makes Jeffrey Hatcher’s play ‘Three Viewings’ diverting is his knack for telling stories that at the very moment when they seem to be settling into predictable paths, throw in a zinger. Blatantly manipulative, this playwright isn’t averse to withholding crucial facts about his characters until the last minute. If his stacking of his narrative decks seems like cheating, the payoffs are usually worth the chicanery.”  – New York Times

“Hatcher also has the compensating gifts of wit and the ability to fashion twisty, cunning narratives.  In the trio of connected monologues that constitute ‘Three Viewings,’  life-changing events are vividly recounted and re-enacted in a setting redolent of death – a funeral parlor in a small Midwestern town – by the distinctive personalities who survived them. Barely.” – The Boston Globe

Doors open at 1:30 and 7:00 PM for respective matinee and evening performances for complimentary beverages and refreshments; the reading is followed by a discussion.  Dewey Memorial Hall is on the west side of Route 7, Sheffield, MA

Tickets:  $30.00 General admission; $20.00 for students 18 and under.  For reservations go to or call 860-435-6928.  We only accept cash or check.

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