Ghent Playhouse announces auditions for “Our Town”

The Ghent Playhouse announces auditions for OUR TOWN, written by Thornton Wilder and directed by John Trainor.  

Auditions:            Tuesday, March 20, and Wednesday, March 21, 2018

                          Sign-in at 7:00 p.m. – Auditions will begin at 7:15 p.m.

                            THE GHENT PLAYHOUSE

                             6 Town Hall Place (Adjacent to the Ghent Firehouse off Route 66)

                          Ghent, New York

Rehearsals:          The rehearsal schedule will be based on the availability of those  chosen for the production.  Those interested in auditioning are asked to be as specific as possible in listing any and all conflicts.

Performances:   May 18-27 and June 1-3, 2018

                              Friday and Saturday evenings at 8:00 p.m.

                             Sunday Matinees at 2:00 p.m.

Casting Info:      Looking for men and women, as well as young male and female adults, for major and minor roles in this production. Everyone is encouraged to audition.  This is a good opportunity for those who have considered acting, but have little or no experience, as well as seasoned actors.

Those auditioning will be asked to read specific scenes from the script.  Please see the story and character descriptions beloW for more information about the play.    

The Story:  Set in the fictional town of Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire, and spanning the first decade of the 20th Century from 1901 to 1913, Thornton Wilder’s classic masterpiece tells the story of the Webb and Gibbs families through three acts – “Daily Life,” “Love and Marriage,” and “Death and Eternity,” – as their children fall in love, marry and eventually die.  The play is narrated by a stage manager and performed with minimal props and sets.  It was intended to bring universal appeal to audiences by portraying life in an ordinary small town, filled with ordinary places, such as a church, post office, school and train station, and presenting ordinary human beings that most audiences can identify with.  

Considered by many to be “the greatest American play ever written,” OUR TOWN was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1938. 


THE STAGE MANAGER – An unnamed man, who serves as the omnipresent narrator of the play and constant link between the characters and the audience, providing vital information.  He also acts out multiple parts throughout the play.  

MR. CHARLES WEBB – The editor and publisher of the town newspaper.  He is a kind man; well-liked by the people of Grover’s Corners.

MRS. MYRTLE WEBB – Married to Charles, she is a devoted wife and mother, though at times, nagging and overprotective. 

WALLY WEBB – The son of Charles and Myrtle and Emily Webb’s younger brother.  He meets an untimely death, when his appendix ruptures on a Boy Scout trip.

EMILY WEBB – The bright-eyed, intelligent daughter of Charles and Myrtle and Wally Gibbs’ older sister.  Through the course of the play, Emily grows from a sweet child, to a teen, then to a young bride, married to George Gibbs. 

FRANK “DOC” GIBBS – The town doctor.  He is a caring father, but is not overindulgent with his children.  He is concerned about the welfare of the citizens of Grover’s Corners. 

MRS. JULIA GIBBS – Frank’s wife.  She is a typical small-town housewife, whose life revolves around her husband and children.   A thin, serious, crisp woman, who dreams of traveling outside Grover’s Corners.

REBECCA GIBBS – The daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Gibbs and George’s younger sister, who finds him to be a bothersome pest.

GEORGE GIBBS – The teenage son of Dr. and Mrs. Gibbs.  He is a popular, star  baseball player, who is looked upon as a high school hero.  His goals to attend Agricultural School and become a farmer are put on hold when he falls for and marries his childhood sweetheart, Emily Webb.  


HOWIE NEWSOME – The town milkman, who rides a horse named Bessie.  He appears at the beginning of the play, and again in the final act, during Emily’s return to the past

JOE CROWELL, JR. – The town newspaper boy.  He secures a college scholarship, but his bright future is cut short when he is killed during WWI.  He appears only in the first and last acts.

SI CROWELL – Joe’s younger brother, who replaces him as the town paperboy

SAMUEL “SAM” CRAIG – Emily’s cousin on her mother’s side. 

STODDARD – The town undertaker.

BILL WARREN – The town constable, who conscientiously patrols the town and checks the drainage system. 

SIMON STIMSON – The organist of the Congregational Church, whose waywardness ultimately leads him to commit suicide.

PROFESSOR WILLARD – A faculty member of the state university who gives a boring account of Grover’s Corners geographical and anthropological history.  Also plays A MAN AMONG THE DEAD.

WOMAN IN BALCONY – Sings in the Church choir.  Also plays A WOMAN AMONG THE DEAD.


LADY IN THE BOX – Sings in the Church choir.  



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