Stockbridge Library Hosts Exhibit Celebrating 90 Years of the Berkshire Theatre Group

Stockbridge, MA– Berkshire Theatre Group is proud to partner with the Stockbridge Library, Museum & Archives to present a free exhibit. Featuring photographs, letters, posters, props, and costume pieces, this exhibit chronicles the 90-year history of Berkshire Theatre through each of its distinct eras. Lillian Lee, Berkshire Theatre Group’s Grants Administrator and Archivist, is planning the main exhibit with Barbara Allen, Curator of the Stockbridge Library, Museum & Archives, curating a portion of the exhibit highlighting the building’s life as The Stockbridge Casino.

The exhibit will open on April 2, 2018 and be available to view through June 30, 2018 during normal Library hours. The exhibit will be housed in the Stockbridge Library’s exhibit space just outside of the Procter Museum & Archives of Stockbridge History, which is housed in the lower level of the Library. Kate Maguire, Artistic Director/CEO of Berkshire Theatre Group will be speaking at the Stockbridge Library Association’s annual meeting on June 12, 2018 and will speak in conjunction with the exhibit to showcase Berkshire Theatre’s history.

Kate Maguire, says, “Berkshire Theatre was originally founded by the Three Arts Society to revitalize an iconic building in Stockbridge and create a local, regional theatre, one of the first in the country. We’re celebrating the 90th Anniversary of Berkshire Theatre, and wanted to give Berkshire residents a chance to really explore the history of this iconic building.”

Barbara Allen, says, “Since the Casino was completed in 1888, it has been an integral part of Stockbridge society. Once it was converted into the Berkshire Playhouse, it became even more intertwined into the life of the town. The people of Stockbridge acted on stage, worked on sets, housed artists, and were a part of the everyday operations of the theatre, as well as going to see the shows. With this exhibit, we wanted to tell that story and show the people behind the theatre.”

Library Hours:


Tuesday9am to 8pm

Wednesday9am to 5pm

Thursday9am to 5pm

Friday9am to 8pm

Saturday9am to 2 m



The Procter Museum & Archives of Stockbridge History:


Tuesday9am to 8pm

Wednesday9am to 5pm

Thursday9am to 1pm

Friday9am to 5pm

Saturday9am to 2pm


About Berkshire Theatre Group

The Colonial Theatre, founded in 1903, and Berkshire Theatre Festival, founded in 1928, are two of the oldest cultural organizations in the Berkshires. In 2010, under the leadership of Artistic Director and CEO Kate Maguire, the two organizations merged to form Berkshire Theatre Group (BTG). Berkshire Theatre Group’s mission is to support wide ranging artistic exploration and acclaimed performances in theatre, dance, music and entertainment. Every year, BTG produces and presents performances to over 68,000 attendees and, through our Educational Program, serves over 13,000 Berkshire County schoolchildren annually. BTG’s celebrated stages reflect the history of the American theatre; they represent a priceless cultural resource for the community.

About The Stockbridge Library, Museum & Archives

The Stockbridge Library Association was formed in 1862 after Nathan Jackson donated money toward a library. The land was donated by Mrs. Francis Fowler Dwight and the building erected by John Z. Goodrich. The Library officially opened in 1864. The mission of the Stockbridge Library Association and its Procter Museum & Archives of Stockbridge History is to be a vibrant center of community life in Stockbridge. The Library serves the needs of the residents of Stockbridge and the surrounding area by supporting lifelong learning, strengthening community, and preserving the historical record of the town.

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