Open Auditions for Original Play RESCHEDULED!

Open Auditions For Original Play Roles Available for Actors Ages 18-24
Truth Be Told 
Written by Phil Killian
Directed by Michael Glantzis

Audition Dates:

Thursday March 8th @ 3:30 PM
Proctors Theatre, Underground. 432 State St. Schenectady NY

Friday March 13th @ 7:00 PM
Siena College Beaudoin Theatre. 515 Loudon Rd. Albany, NY

If unavailable for scheduled dates, individual auditions are available upon request

Performance Dates:

May 1st and 2nd

Contact: Please send all questions to


47 years later, Malcom recollects & narrates his fondest childhood memories with his best friend Zachary in his therapy sessions. The stories of them when they were kids, to their early twenties trying to find where he went wrong in their relationship causing them to drift apart. Malcom is forced to confront himself internally to connect the dots of him and Zachary’s past and see the different signs of depression and oppression within his best friend. While in therapy, Malcom tries to understand how Zachary felt inside, and what he experienced day to day.

The story starts out with the main character in present day, Malcom, starting his sessions with his psychologist and undergoes hypnotic regression to find out the source of his nightmares.

Characters :

Malcolm (Present) – Born and raised in New York during the 1960’s, childhood best friend to Zachary.

Malcolm (Young) – Childhood reflection of Malcolm. May or may not be played by same actor as Malcolm.

Zachary Malone – Brown hair caucasian male, slim in figure. A very reserved homosexual, depressed yet upbeat born and raised in New York. Childhood best friend to Malcolm. Musically inclined, artistic, finds beauty in everything.

Dr. Jean Morris –  Psychologist, female born in raised in the 1960’s, very professional, stays in her own bubble

Mrs. M – Malcolm’s mom, free spirit, strong independent single mother, unconditionally loving to all, secretly depressed

Vinny Malone – Zachary’s Dad, conservative traditional Italian, glorifies his view of society, loud and opinionated

Mary. Malone – Zachary’s Mom. Extremely religious, reserved, demands respect and peace despite context

Jack Malone – Zachary’s brother, a tool, opinion easily manipulated, narrow minded

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