Town Players of Pittsfield Reschedule Auditions

Got the acting bug? Come join us tomorrow night, Fri. Feb. 9th, in Room K111 at Berkshire Community College (1350 West St.) and audition for the Town Players of Pittsfield staged reading of The Sherlock Entreaty by Charmaine Spencer.

The reading will take place on Sunday, 25 February 2018 at 2:00 pm in the same location. Directed by Kevin Romano.

From The New Play Exchange: “An old school chum of Doctor Watson is a clerk in England’s Foreign Office and, when a secret treaty is stolen from his desk, he flies to Sherlock Holmes for help. But, it seems Sherlock Holmes is merely a figment of Watson’s imagination and success as a mystery writer. Still, faced with his friend’s professional and emotional collapse, Watson vows to produce the famous detective and hires an egotistical actor, Walter Pling to play the role. Somehow, as comedy mixes with mystery, the crime is solved, Pling embarks on a new career and Watson gets the girl.”

Time: 1870’s

Cast of Characters:

DOCTOR WATSON, 30’s, Writer
PERCY PHELPS, 30’s, Watson’s school friend. Clerk in the Foreign Office
ANNIE HARRISON, 27, Phelps’ fiancee
JOSEPH HARRISON, 35, Annie’s brother
MRS HUDSON, 50 ’s, Watson’s landlady
LORD HOLDHURST, 50’s Phelps’ Uncle, Foreign Minister, (Double w/Joseph)
DETECTIVE FORBES, 40’s, (Double w/ Phelps)
MRS TANGEY, 50’s Char woman, (Double w/ Mrs Hudson)
RAILWAY PORTER, Irish, (Double w/Phelps)
DARK FIGURE, (Double w/ Joseph)

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