Voice Theatre Seeking a Set Designer for “All My Sons”

Voice Theatre is seeking a Set Designer for All My Sons by Arthur Miller

Opening: July 12, 2018

Byrdcliffe Theater, Woodstock, NY
Stage becomes available June 4th

Rehearsals begin June 8th

Production week begins July 6th

Salary is commensurate with experience

Designers will collaborate with our production & design team director Director: Shauna Kanter.

Since 1988 Voice Theatre has performed in the UK, Germany, France, the Middle East, NYC and toured nationally. We recently renovated the historic 100-seat Byrdcliffe Theater that now serves as the company home. The 2018 season consists of Arthur Miller’s All My Sons, The 5th Annual Spring Reading Series, free high school workshops and The Summer Youth Workshop. We are planning a world tour for 2019 to include Berlin, NYC and Ulster and Dutchess Counties. Visit www.voicetheatre.org for more info.

Please contact Shauna Kanter: info@voicetheatre.org with a letter of interest, resume, and some design examples. Working designers and design students are welcome to apply. Voice Theatre is an equal opportunity employer. No phone calls please.


All My Sons takes place in “August of our time” in the suburban backyard of Joe and Kate Keller. Their two sons, Chris and Larry have both gone to war. Chris returned. Larry has been missing in action for three years. Only Kate believes that Larry is still alive. Chris has invited Larry’s fiancée Ann Deever, to come for a visit.  Chris and Ann have been cultivating a relationship and Chris proposes to Ann.

Before the play begins, there was a scandal between Ann’s father, Steve Deever and Joe Keller. Joe and Steve were partners in a company that made airplane engines for fighter jets. Engines with defective parts were shipped out. Twenty-one Air Force pilots died as a result. A court case followed and Steve Deever, Ann’s father was found guilty and went to prison while Joe Keller was exonerated.

Ann’s brother, George Deever has become a lawyer and visits his father, Steve, who is still in prison. George now wants the truth; who was responsible for shipping the defective engines; his father, Steve Deever or Joe Keller.

George is adamant that Ann and Chris should not marry.  Ann refuses to give up Chris. It becomes clear that Joe Keller put profit above safety as well as letting Steve Deever take the blame for shipping the defective parts.

Joe confesses. Ann demands that Chris and her marry. Kate refuses. Ann produces a letter that Larry wrote to Ann on the day he died. In the letter Larry tells Ann that he is going to crash his plane because he knows his father was responsible for the twenty-one deaths, putting profit above the pilots lives. Finally, Joe agrees to accept his responsibility and go to jail. Joe then goes into the house and shoots himself

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