Two Small Cast Plays Available for Production

Bob Sugarman announces the availability of two strong, unique small cast plays for consideration for production.

ST. PETERSBURG 1913 (4M, 1W)

Pre-Revolutionary Russia. Young artists see themselves as the vanguard of a changing world. Vika, a widely read young poet, is approached by a middle aged businessman who wants advice about his daughter who has come under the influence of a Rasputin-like mystic. The businessman and Vika develop a relationship and help one of the businessman’s employees market his remarkable paintings. Vika’s huband, also a prominent poet, sought to understand the changing world by visiting America. He returns injured from participating in a strike that turned violent.


1940. Late night. The baggage car of a train carrying a LIFE WITH FATHER company from Mobile to Atlanta. Members of the company are playing poker. As it is hot, the car door is open. When the train makes one of its many stops, an exhausted African American man climbs into the car. As the train starts, Joseph, the exhausted man, explains that he is fleeing a mob. The Northern actors, some sympathetic, some not, learn what led him to leave his family and his store. As the train slows down, another mob, alerted by telegram, waits for Joseph.

To read either or both of these scripts, Email me at As a proud member of the Dramatists Guild, I expect a Guild approved contract before work is begun on any production.

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