Photo/Resume Request for Bridge Street Theatre’s 2018 Subscription Season

Submissions from local Equity, EMC, and non-Equity actors are currently being accepted by Bridge Street Theatre in Catskill, NY for the productions in its 2018 Subscription Season. All Equity actors cast will be employed under a Special Appearance contract at $247/wk (raised to $254/wk for DRIVING MISS DAISY and CASSE NOISETTE). No work weeks will accrue for either EMC points or health insurance. Housing and one-time round trip transportation is available to artists from outside a 50-mile radius of Catskill. All non-Equity talent will receive a stipend.

To submit, please email your headshot and resume to ASAP. Deadline for submission is Monday 1/22/2018. Those selected to audition will be contacted for an appointment and provided with sides to prepare, a location, and an audition time. Bridge Street Theatre is located at 44 West Bridge Street in Catskill, NY.

Bridge Street Theatre’s 2018 Season consist of the following plays:


A contemporary American classic – a romantic comedy about two ordinary people.

Directed by Sarah Lampert Hoover

Rehearse: March 13   Runs: March 29 – April 8

Looking for:

Frankie – 40s. A waitress in a diner. Striking but not conventional good looks. A sense of humor and a fairly tough exterior. She is also frightened and can be hard to reach. Some onstage nudity required.

[The role of Johnny has been cast]


LENI  by Sarah Greenman

A searing exploration of artistic and moral responsibility, narcissism, and denial.

Directed by John Sowle

Rehearse: May 1  Runs: May 17 – 27

Looking for:

Leni – German filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl (1902-2003). Plays ages 30-45, but should appear even younger. Looks pristine, as if she has stepped out a black and white ‘30s era film. Her make-up and hair should suggest “film starlet.

[The role of Helene has been cast]



Directed by Steven Patterson

A play for children and their adults. Cast will consist of a mix of adults, young people, and children.

Rehearse: June 19  Runs: July 12 – 22

Looking for Adult Actors for:

George Topax – Supreme Ruler of Crestview. Capricious, spoiled, and entitled. A preening narcissist.

Edward Farpis – A washed-up former matinee idol, now a derelict. Think John Barrymore (or Norma Desmond)

Bob – A sheep. Deadpan, sardonic sense of humor.

Mrs. Rudich – A somewhat harried housewife, attempting to emulate June Cleaver.

Retainer (“Hank”) – Works for George Topax. An obsequious sycophant, extremely condescending to those he feels are lower on the totem pole. Think Franklin Pangborn.

Numerous small roles including A Newsperson, A Radio Announcer, and An Executioner.

Cross-gender casting possible. Auditions for the Youth Cast will be held on a separate date.



Directed by John Sowle

A comedy in rhyming couplets about art, ardor, and an inappropriately public display of affection.

Rehearse: August 21  Runs:  September 6 – 16

Looking for:

Bernard – Middle-aged, a barely published poet of scant scholarship. An undergraduate lecturer (on William Blake’s “Songs of Innocence”) at a small, failing Liberal Arts college in New England. Exuberant, boyish, childlike.

Ellen – Middle-aged, a reputable Ph.D. Bernard’s lover and also an undergraduate lecturer (on William Blake’s “Songs of Experience”) at the same failing Liberal Arts college. Feisty, combative, but with an undercurrent of melancholy. Far less sentimental than Bernard.

[The role of President Dean has been cast]



Directed by Flo Hayle

The prickly decades-long friendship between a Southern matron and her black chauffeur

Rehearse: September 25  Runs:  October 11 – 21

Looking for:

Hoke Colburn – An African-American man, native to Georgia. 60 years old, unemployed, and uneducated in 1948 at the beginning of the play, and 85 years old in 1973 at the end. Extremely patient and tolerant of Daisy’s barely disguised prejudices, but not afraid to speak up when his dignity is at stake.

Boolie Werthan – Daisy’s son, born and raised in Atlanta. 40 years old in the first scene of the play in 1948, and 65 years old at the show’s end in 1973. Dutiful to his mother, despite her prickly personality.

[The role of Daisy Werthan has been cast]


CASSE NOISETTE  by Michael Whistler

World Premiere

Directed by John Sowle

The life of composer Pyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky juxtaposed with a contemporary story of a closeted high school teacher obsessed with Tchaikovsky’s music.

Rehearse: October 23  Runs: November 8 – 18

Looking for:

Joe Jessup/Pyotr Illych Tchaikovsky – 50s. JOE is quiet and diligent: a teacher, and a man who understands the value of patience and self-negation. He is used to not getting exactly what he might wish for. TCHAIKOVSKY is the musical genius, deeply emotional, explosive. In turn sullen, petulant, demanding, and more than a little exasperating.

Nancy Klein/Antonietta Dell’era – About 40. NANCY is a high school English teacher, very warm. She laughs too easily, probably cries too easily as well if anyone were ever around to see. DELL’ERA is Prima Ballerina of the Imperial Ballet. A voluptuous woman with majestic hauteur. She speaks with an almost ludicrous Italian accent.

Marc Maynes/Modeste Illych Tchaikovsky/ConsortMARC is a gym teacher, 35+, not un-charming, but a man who honestly believes valuable life lessons can be learned in dodgeball. MODESTE is a businessman who wishes to be an artist. Sharp, a little sly, and not sentimental: a good balance for his brother. CONSORT is in service to the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Sasha Illynovna Davidov/Sugar Plum Fairy –  40s. SASHA, sister to Pyotr and Modeste, is placid and quite beautiful: a truly porcelain face, which seems to rest in a fixed calm. A riding injury has left her in constant pain and addicted to opium. SUGAR PLUM FAIRY is grand, a little ludicrous and histrionic, with all of the aplomb and humor of a drag-queen: a version of the fairy from “The Nutcracker”. Ballet experience a plus.

Blaine/Vladimir “Bob” Levovitch Davidov – Early 20s. BLAINE is a young gay runaway, working for a phone sex chatline. Always testing bounds. BOB, son of Sasha, nephew to Modeste and Tchaikovsky, a still unformed and naive young man; unsure which road to take, unsure if he will take any.

For more information about Bridge Street Theatre, visit our website at

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