Miss Nancy “Nogood” Hosts Drag Pageant at Egremont Village Inn

Miss Nancy Nogood has hand selected the participants in this Drag Pageant. Come and watch these fierce queens vie for an amazing prize package and the title Miss “Nogood”! at The Barn at The Egremont Village Inn, located at 17 Main Street in South Egremont, MA.

The event is hosted by Philip Louis Raymond Calabro– Nancy Nogood and Boxxa Vine and guest judges include Alison Fraser (March of the Falsettos, Romance Romance, The Secret Garden), Shawn Hollenbach (BTWN2FLRS), and NYC Drag Queens Gilda Wabbit & Gina Tonic.

For those not competing in this event, never fear as there will be a Drag Pageant as part of the Third Third Annual Dance Party and Cabaret with Drag Pageant at the Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield MA on June 9, 2018! This event it open to all queens and kings far and wide. Send us a message if you’d like to be part of it!

This event is 21+ with proper ID required!

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