Mac-Haydn Theatre Takes Home Three “Berkie” Awards

Artistic Director John Saunders (left), Choreographer Sebastiani Romagnolo (center) and actress Emily Kron (right) proudly show off the trophies they won at the recent Berkshire Theatre Critics Association’s 2nd Annual Berkshire Theatre Awards event.

John, Sebastiani, Emily Berkies (650x692).jpg


Hello, Dolly!, the delightful comedy-romance classic directed by Mr. Saunders, shared the Best Musical top spot. The intricate and exciting dancing staged by Mr. Romagnolo in that show gained the Best Choreography nod. Ms. Kron won her award for a stellar portrayal of Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd.

Mac-Haydn was nominated for eleven awards, and all involved are thrilled to have won in these categories. These shows were part of the 2017 season; MHT will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary with exciting shows and special events in 2018.

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