RPI Players Seek Accompanists for “A Little Night Music”

This is a call for accompanist(s) for the 2018 RPI Players‘ production of
A Little Night Music. We’re looking for more than one, in order to spread
the work around and provide for the best flexibility in scheduling during
the rehearsal process.

A Little Night Music was written by Stephen Sondheim, and, it should be
noted, is difficult. His harmonies are rich, with lots of non-chord tones
that don’t fit neatly into jazz harmonies, and his rhythms can be quite
complex. (Everything in Little Night Music is in some kind of triple
meter – but it’s not all waltzes!) Both classically trained players and
jazz musicians will find challenges, but will also find the music extremely
rewarding once it’s under your fingers.

There are some specific skills necessary to accompany singers who are
learning parts, in addition to being able to play dance numbers and the
songs. It’s the Music Director’s job to help you develop those skills –
don’t hesitate to ask for more information!

Accompanist audition pieces from the show will be provided when we arrange
for your audition. In addition, you should feel free to prepare something
if you’d like, however, it’s not necessary.

Auditions for the *show* are tentatively slated for the second week in
February – your attendance (especially if you sight read pretty well and
can accompany nervous singers) is both welcome and encouraged! (And you’ll
get paid!)

Rehearsals have generally been three nights and one weekend
(day/evening/night) each week, but the division of labor (especially if we
have more than one accompanist) means that nobody has to be at all of
those, every week. As we get closer to the show, of course, that will
change a little.

The show dates (including anticipated tech week and brush-up) are 4/15-22,
and 4/25-28.

For more information, or to schedule an audition, please contact the Music
Director, Frank Leavitt, at: 518-915-5890 (text or voice) or e-mail leavitt.frank@gmail.com

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