Albany Civic Theater Open Call for Directors

Albany Civic Theater is currently soliciting submissions from directors for their 64th Season.  We are seeking directors for 4 main stage shows running three weekends each in September, November, February and May.  We are also looking for individuals looking to break into directing for Director’s Showcase and Playwright’s Showcase.  These two events offer a unique opportunity for less experienced directors to hone their skills and get live experience directing a production.  And finally, the theater is considering submissions for a March Special to raise funds for a much needed new lighting system.
Albany Civic strives to offer a balanced season and is seeking dramatic and comedic works, as well as small scale musicals.  The committee strives to find balance in the season with cutting edge new works, classic revivals with a fresh interpretation and a season that provides a combination of artistic risks and commercial success.   Please take into account the physical constraints of our cozy space. For example, musical submissions can only accommodate a three piece orchestra; large cast plays should not have scenes that involve all cast members onstage.
All submissions should include your current resume of directing experience.  Each submission should include a description of the play, any unique interpretations you will bring to the production and a list of production team members who have committed to your project. While this last item is not a requirement, it does help the committee evaluate and prioritize submissions.  For Mainstage Shows, ACT often uses experienced directors that have successfully worked with our theater in the past.  If you are new to the area or new to directing, consider our Directors and/or Playwright Showcases to gain experience with our Theater.
A. Directors of Mainstage Shows must answer the following questions with their submission:
1)      Cast Size, Male/Female breakdown, age or ethnic considerations.
2)      The name of the licensing company.
3)      Special set design considerations.
4)      Special costuming considerations.
5)      Why are you passionate about this work?
6)      What can you as director bring to this play?
7)      Why would this show appeal to an audience and what type of audience?
8)      Please state which of the time slots you are interested in (September, November, February, May).

B. Directors and submissions of a March Special (Can be for 1-3 weekends; must include a simple or no set; must rehearse off the stage until final week of production) must answer the following questions with their submissions:
1)      What type of show are you submitting?  Possibilities may include but are not limited to:
a.       Vaudeville Variety Show
b.      Magic/Circus/Improv Show
c.       Monologue-based show
d.      Simplistic (set/costumes) Money Maker Show such as Flanagan?s Wake, The Nunsense Shows, Juke Box shows
2)      Production requirements such as set, costuming, lighting, sound etc.
3)      The names of your fully staffed production team which may include producer, stage manager, musicians, lighting, sound and costume designer as necessary
Consider projects that you would like to do that are outside of the realm of a normal theater season but will still have great audience appeal.
C. Director Submissions forDirector Showcase should include a directorial r?sum? with their submission of a one-act or short play.  This can be a great opportunity to gain experience with our theater or build up your theater portfolio.  Director showcase shows do not require auditions so you may hand pick your cast.  Please include a brief synopsis of your play, character breakdown, and production requirements.
We reserve the right to feature more than one director in the showcase, so please keep in mind that you may be sharing the stage with one or more productions.  The showcase utilizes a shorter 4 week rehearsal period.

D. Submissions for Playwright Showcase should include a brief synopsis and online version of an original work, character breakdown and any special production needs.  We also reserve the right to feature more than one original work in the Playwright Showcase.  Additionally, we are also considering student written work for the showcase.

E. Director Submissions for the Playwright Showcase should include a resume of all theater experience and the name of a directorial mentor.  This is a great opportunity to try your hand at directing with a knowledgeable mentor at your side.  Playwright Showcase productions also do not require auditions and actors may be on script.  The rehearsal period is again only 4 weeks.  Please note that ACT reserves the right to include more than one work in the Playwright Showcase weekend so you may be sharing the stage with one or more productions.  Your production should include a simple set which is easily assembled and disassembled nightly.  Costumes should be easily appropriated.  The Playwright Showcase is more of a staged reading than a fully realized production.

For submissions, here is what you need to do:

1.       Put your submission in a clean, 8 ? x 11 inch manila envelope with the words Mainstage, March Special, Directors’ Showcase, Playwright Showcase or Director of Playwright Showcase clearly printed on the back  (if applying in more than one category please include submissions in more than one envelope).

2.       Mail a copy of the script of each submission (and music CDs if you have them) for up to two selections to:
Albany Civic Theater
attn: Michael C. Mensching – Artistic Director
235 Second Avenue
Albany, NY  12209

3.       Include your name, address, email address and phone number on your resume.

4.       Enter your submissions by Friday, December 1, 2017 at 7:00 pm.  No late submissions will be accepted.  Your mainstage submissions will be fairly considered by our seasonal selection committee.  March Specials, and Director and Playwright Showcase submissions will be chosen by sub-committee and approved by the selection committee.  No one on the selection committee may submit their own personal proposals.  Discussion of proposals are kept confidential; please do not ask committee members to divulge any information including when selections have been made.  Please include any other information that you deem necessary in your proposal.

If you prefer, you may deliver your submissions in person to the theater.  There is a mail slot located to the left of the entrance doors.

We look forward to receiving your submissions and beginning the selection process!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at(518) 810-9534 after 3:00 pm (cell), or send me an email at

Thank you for your interest in Albany Civic Theater’s 64th Season!  I look forward to hearing from you.

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