SLOC Call for 2018-2019 Director/Show Submissions

SLOC Musical Theater is beginning the Show Selection Process for the
2018-2019 season. We are very proud of our relatively new theater,
performing arts and entertainment center in the very heart of downtown
Schenectady. Theater-goers will have the opportunity to enjoy quality
theatrical productions in our beautiful, state-of-the-art facility. Please
join us in this exciting time and consider entering a submission to the
Show Recommendations Committee as a Directorial Candidate!

Show 1: September/October 2018
Show 2: November 2018 – Youth Show
Show 3: January/ February 2019
Show 4: March/April 2019
Show 5: May 2019

The attached Show Submission Form should be completed and returned to us by
November 25, 2017 at 6:00 pm. Please be sure to provide your updated e-mail
address as part of your reply, regardless of whether or not you submit a
show. For each show, please indicate the time slot you prefer:

Information about cast size is extremely important. The committee needs to
know the number and breakdown of the cast you intend to use (i.e. 4 males,
5 females, 10 chorus.) If you have already secured a creative team (musical
director, choreographer, producer, set and lighting designer), it will
greatly enhance your overall submission. Of particular importance is the
confirmation of a musical director for each show submitted. If the musical
director you have secured does not play the piano, then you must have ideas
for rehearsal accompanists to assist your project. Any other information
that you feel would assist the Committee should be added under the
?Comments? section of the Show Submission Form.

Information in this section may include comments on the suitability of
plot, costume or set design, or any unique production ideas you may have.
Please note: If your artistic vision of a show is different than the
universal expectation, you must present your ideas, in detail, at the time
of your submission. It is imperative that the director’s artistic concept
of the show does not violate the licensing contract. Availability of rights
and royalties are taken into consideration.

Our company welcomes ALL directors to submit!! In addition to submitting
the Show Submission Form, please attach a Current resume including
directorial and production experience. Directors at our company are
volunteers. We require each of the key members of production teams
(director, assistant director, producer, musical director, choreographer
and stage manager) to sign a criminal affirmation. This is required to
ensure a safe, secure working environment for all production members.

We do provide each production with an Artistic Budget, paid pit orchestra,
and payment of all royalties.

Our Show Recommendation Committee will present their recommendations to the
Board of Directors for approval in January 2018. In considering our
2018-2019 season, the committee is looking to present a group of shows that
are diverse in style (something for everyone); therefore, consider all
categories when making your submissions. Examples of various styles
include, but are not limited to:

Classic “Chestnuts” that everyone loves, Regional Premiers, Operettas Rock Operas, Family favorites, Musical Revues, Follies Type Show, Holiday Shows, Youth Shows and more

The SLOC Board of Directors will make final determinations regarding the
approved submissions, and notification will be given in writing.

Please forward all submissions to:

We sincerely appreciate your interest and commitment to helping us provide
the best possible quality musical theater, just as we have done for the
past 91 years here in Schenectady!


Show Submission 2018-19 Season



Submission deadline – November 25th by 6:00 PM




Phone numbers –   Home_________________    Cell___________________




E-mail Address__________________________________________________


Fax Number____________________________________________________


Please select all that apply


  • I am interested in directing for the 2018-19 season
  • I am not interested in directing for the 2018-19 season
  • Please retain my name on the Director List for future seasons
  • Please remove my name from the Director List for future seasons
  • If not chosen to direct, I would be willing to work as an Asst. Director
  • If not chosen to direct, I would be willing to work in another capacity


Areas of experience/preference




c  I cannot direct a show in the following time slot(s):________________________


Additional Comments: Please attach additional sheets if needed



Please attach an updated Artistic Resume

Email to:



Show Submission Form 2018-2019




Please complete this page for each show you are submitting.


Name of Show:  __________________________________________ c Youth Show

Licensing Company:  ___________________________________________________

Cast Size: (Number of Males and Females):  ________________________________

Will you require Standard or Alternate Orchestration Books? __________________

Time Slot(s):  c September/ October 2018 c November 2018 c February 2019

c March/April 2019 c May 2019


Projected Production Team

Producer:  ___________________________________________________________

Assistant Director:  ___________________________________________________

Musical Director:  ____________________________________________________

Rehearsal Accompanist (if needed):  _____________________________________

Choreographer:  ______________________________________________________

Stage Manager:  ______________________________________________________

Costume Designer:  ___________________________________________________

Hair Designer:  _______________________________________________________

Make-up Designer:  ___________________________________________________

Property Master:  ____________________________________________________

Sound Designer:  _____________________________________________________

Set Designer:  ________________________________________________________

Lighting Designer:  ___________________________________________________

Other:  ______________________________________________________________

Show Submission Form 2018-2019




Name of Show:  __________________________________________ c Youth Show


Anticipated Artistic Budget:  ___________________________________________


Special Costs (please explain in detail):                                                             

Please attach additional sheets if needed




Special Artistic Requirement (please explain in detail):                                     

Please attach additional sheets if needed






Special Technical Requirements (e.g., special effects, fog machine, lighting, sound – please explain in detail):  Please attach additional sheets if needed






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