Mac-Haydn Theatre Sends Donations for Hurricane Harvey Animal Rescues

CHATHAM, NY — Mac-Haydn Theatre patrons and staff made it possible to send $925
to rescue groups saving animals from areas hit hard by Hurricane Harvey.

“Harvey hit just before our final weekend, so we decided to pledge all of the donations made at those shows to our annual animal shelter drive towards storm rescue efforts,” a theatre spokesperson said. “Our people are the best – they gave so much. It was so rewarding and exciting to be able to send the money out.”

Four groups were helped through the Mac-Haydn collection. Two are taking in rescued
animals brought to this area: Everlasting Hope Animal Rescue in Hillsdale, NY and Mohawk-Hudson Humane Society in Menands, NY. Checks were also sent to Humane Society of Louisiana in New Orleans, LA and Southeast Texas Humane Society in Beaumont, TX.

HSLA people were in Texas, going through flood and storm ravaged areas to find abandoned animals, just as they did in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. “I worked with them at Camp Katrina in Mississippi then and know how many animals they,” Mac-Haydn staffer Barbara Peduzzi says, adding “They recommended the Beaumont group as one that took in many of the animals their people found.”

Mac-Haydn sends heartfelt thanks to all those who contributed for this special collection,
as well as all those who donate to the annual drive which helps area shelters care for the animals in their care.

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