Enjoy a September Saturday Stravinsky Concert at Hubbard Hall

(Cambridge, NY September 13, 2017) Hubbard Hall is thrilled to welcome conductor and pianist Daniel Shulman who has assembled an extraordinarily talented group of artists to perform Stravinsky’s The Story of a Soldier (L’Histoire du Soldat) and other complementary pieces on Saturday, September 23 at 7pm. This performance combines chamber music, dance, and spoken word to tell the tale of a soldier making a deal with the devil and becoming a victim of his own greed. Daniel Shulman will conduct musicians Kaori Washiyama, Susan Daves, Matthew Gold, Paul Green, Wesley Hopper, and Robert Zimmerman while Adam Shulman, Jack Boggan, and Siri Allison tell the story through text, movement, and dance.  This program will also feature Giuseppe Tartini’s The Devil’s Trill Sonata (performed by Kaori Washiyama), Franz Schubert’s Margaret at the Spinning Wheel (performed by Rebecca Iris Rogers), and The Legend of Battle Hill (told by Nancy Marie Payne). This group will perform only one night at Hubbard Hall on Saturday, September 23 at 7pm. Tickets are $25 for general admission and $15 for students and can be purchased online, through our Box Office at 518-677-2495, or at the door. An additional performance will occur Sunday, September 24 at the Salem Courthouse. Please visit their website at salemcourthouse.org for more information.

About Hubbard Hall Center for the Arts and Education
Since 1878 Hubbard Hall has developed, produced, and presented theater, music, dance and the visual arts. From 19thcentury vaudeville and traveling troupes performing Shakespeare to today’s newest developing artists, the Hall has long been a home for theater, opera, dance, and music and in recent years has developed into a world-class development center for new work. Through classes in dance, theater, music, movement, puppetry, fencing, and even gardening, Hubbard Hall gives students of all ages an opportunity to learn, collaborate and grow. By offering arts education programming in schools and throughout our region, we connect more deeply with our community and give students throughout the region the opportunity to learn and grow through the arts. Recognized as a leading arts institution in the state of New York, Hubbard Hall is a national model for community-based arts organizations. Hubbard Hall is located at 25 East Main Street in Cambridge, NY. For more information on this and all of our programs, or to purchase tickets, register for classes, make a donation, and/or become a Hubbard Hall Pass carrier please visit www.hubbardhall.org or call (518) 677-2495.

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