“Hi, Ho Robin Hood” Brings Adventure to The Mac-Haydn Children’s Theatre

CHATHAM, NY — The exciting adventures of a band of merry men in old England come to The Mac-Haydn Children’s Theatre stage with Hi, Ho Robin Hood, July 21, 22, 28 and 29.

Robin Hood and his men roam Sherwood Forest, robbing the rich to help the poor people of Nottingham.  Prince John, who is ruling while King Richard The Lion-Hearted is on a crusade, is taxing people right out of their homes!  The Sheriff of Nottingham can’t catch the clever bandits, and tries to trick Robin with an archery contest.

Robin discovers that lovely Maid Marian, who is pledged to Prince John, is his childhood friend, and their friendship grows.  Will Robin win the golden arrow and his sweetheart?  Will King Richard return in time to save all of Nottingham, and the merry band?  Find out as excitement, laughter and songs like “We Lead A Merry Life, Come To The Fair” and “Never Defeated” make this a show that all youngsters will enjoy.

Dakota Dutcher will play Robin Hood; he had the feature role of Sir Evelyn Oakley in Anything Goes earlier this summer.   Sam Pickart and Dan Macke will be his men Will Scarlet and Friar Tuck; Mr. Pickart starred as Billy Crocker in Anything Goes and Mr. Macke was Bobby in Saturday Night FeverCatherine Skojec plays Maid Marian.

Connor Hubbard is the Sheriff of Nottingham, Sophia Tzougros (Annette in Saturday Night Fever) is Lady Merle.  Also featured are Mac-Haydn company members Michelle Carter as Mother Meg, Stephen C. Kallas as King Richard, Megan Hasse (Hope Harcourt in Anything Goes), Lauren Wrigley (Linda in Saturday Night Fever) as Beth, Adam Salerno (Puggsley in The Addams Family) as Little John, Hether Damia as Annabel, Emily Spateholts (Tweedledee in The Trials of Alice in Wonderland) as the Old Widow and Matthew Antalek as Kaspar.

Performances of Hi, Ho, Robin Hood are Friday and Saturday mornings at 10:30.  Tickets are $10.00 for children of all ages.  Call 518-392-9292 or visit machaydntheatre.org for information and reservations.

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