Actors and Playwrights of Color Sought

Seeking actors and playwrights of color located in the capital district to perform in Golden Voices: A Night of Monologues.

Inspired by Morgan Elizabeth’s recent play Dear Lil, the exploration of the life of a young black woman as she navigates her way through college at a school where she is a minority. Golden Voices: A Night of Theatre will celebrate the talents of actors and playwrights of color in the Capital District. Actors will share their voice with the community and have the opportunity to network and create with other artists.

Troy Kitchen, 77 Congress Street, Troy NY

Event Date: Tuesday August 22nd @ 7:30 pm

Compensation: This is a networking event intended to highlight an individual’s talents and spark conversation between them and the community with the intention of creating future projects. Therefore there is no compensation but the opportunity for growth.

Submission Details:
Please submit a 3 to 5 minute recording of a monologue or 5-10 minute two person scene via e-mail @ . Choose a piece that excites you, this will be what you perform at the event.

Please state the name of your piece and the name of the author.

Any genre of theatre is acceptable. However, pieces written by playwrights of color are encouraged as well as pieces that comment on social issues and the state of society. Original pieces are welcome.

Please attach your headshot and resume if you have one. If you have chosen to do a scene please include the names of both actors.

Actors of all experience levels are encouraged to submit. Professional recordings are not required however, be aware of proper lighting and sound arrangements.

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