Kaaterskill Actors Theater Auditions for “Tartuffe”

Kaaterskill Actors Theater seeks actors with classical experience for the following parts in Tartuffe:

Cleante – Brother-in-law of Orgon. Middle aged. A precise and rational man, perhaps too much so.

Valere – Betrothed of Mariane. 20’s – 30’s. A comic lover whose emotions can turn on a dime. Ardent to a fault and more than a little self-involved.

Damis – Brother of Mariane, 20’s – 30’s. A hothead of the first order. Some experience with swordplay would be wonderful.

Officer of the King – Deus ex machina. Middle-aged. Must exude calm and magnificence. A great voice would be wonderful.

Rehearsals commence in Catskill in August with performances in October at the Doctorow Center for the Arts in Hunter. Some pay.

Send picture/resume to Artistic Director Jim Milton at jmpmilton@yahoo.com. And visit us at Facebook.


Du Croisy, the first actor to play Tartuffe.


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