Turn Park Art Space Presents 15-Minute Opera “The Drumf And The Rhinegold”

The Drumf And The Rhinegold
an operatic apocalypse

at Turn Park Art Space
2 Moscow Rd, West Stockbridge, MA

Saturday/July 15, 2017
#1 Show at 1:15 PM
#2 Show at 2:15PM
#3 Show at 3:15PM

SUNDAY/ JULY 16, 2017
#1 Show at 1:15 PM
#2 Show at 2:15PM
#3 Show at 3:15PM

Join us for a guerrilla production of this hilarious and biting 15-minute opera.

Starring Ariadne Greif as Melania, Lucy Dhegrae as Marla, Casey Keenan as Ivana and Matt Shifrin and Andy Manjuck as Rhinegold. Directed byDoug Fitch. Costumes and Set by Alyona Gomberg, Tommy Nguyen and Misha Igoshin

Produced by Floating Tower

Having stolen the magical Rhinegold, which grants world domination to its owner, the sinister Drumf is now poised to become leader of the free world. The gold’s guardians, Rhinemaidens Ivana, Marla and Melania, race against time to reclaim their gold from his grubby clutches. Can they succeed in wresting their gold before it’s too late?

A hilarious and biting political satire, The Drumf and the Rhinegold was presented during election week, just in time for the historic 2016 US Presidential Election. Composer Mátti Kovler (Tanglewood, Carnegie Hall) teamed up with director Doug Fitch (The New York Philharmonic) and a ragtag band of top tier musicians to present this 15-minute parody of Wagner’s 15-hour Ring Cycle. The exceedingly short opera tells the story of the Rhinemaidens’ return to the human realm for one last fight against an evil overlord.

Music by Mátti Kovler, Book by by Tasha Gordon-Solmon, Mátti Kovler and Gil Varod Lyrics by Tasha Gordon-Solmon, Mátti Kovler, Gil Varod, Matthew Shifrin and Toby Lightman


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