The Sisters Dweck Present “Reflowered: A Dance Play” in Sheffield

Dewey Hall and Emma and Ava Dweck Present
Reflowered: A Dance Play
By Emma Dweck
A Workshop Performance
Directed by Amy Brentano

July 14 & 15 at 7 pm
at Dewey Hall
91 Main Street, Sheffield, MA 01257

SEATING IS LIMITED! FOR RESERVATIONS email or call 413.591.0197

Reflowered: a Dance Play is a multi-disciplinary theater piece written by Emma Dweck, and conceived by Emma and Ava Dweck. This workshop will be the culmination of a ten day rehearsal intensive with an exciting group of theater professionals, and the first presentation in front of an audience.

Reflowered lives in a dreamy world of magical realism. Effie, a young woman, is missing, and her mother, Chloe, is in charge of growing the plants for the entire world. Since Effie has been gone, Chloe has become depressed and has stopped letting the plants grow. People are hungry, cold and desperate. When Jordan, an old friend, shows up, she promises to find Effie if Chloe will make the plants grow again. The two strike a deal, and thus begins Jordan’s journey into the bizarre underworld of Miss Silkhammer’s Academy for Girls (and Boys). In the Academy, Jordan finds Effie, but also a strange mix of characters and rituals, and she must ultimately determine how to rescue Effie from herself. Reflowered explores themes of female friendship, trauma and consent, and asks questions about culpability and redemption in the face of violence.

Reflowered is based very loosely on the Greek myth of Persephone, and was influenced by the drawings of Edward Gorey, reality tv, and many pieces of imagery, found text, and music related to manners, loss of innocence and shame.

Supported by the Martha Boschen Porter Fund of Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation.

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