Emma & Ava Dweck Launch Kickstarter Campaign for “Reflowered”

Sisters Emma and Ava Dweck have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their first ever collaborative theater project.

Emma has written a new multidisciplinary play entitled Reflowered based on a concept the sisters have been developing together for some years. Reflowered utilizes diverse theatrical styles to explore themes of consent, violence, propriety, and sexuality in a mythical world.

They have received received a small grant to workshop the play this summer and are currently assembling an exciting group of artists, including a brilliant and fearless director, Amy Brentano.

The ensemble will gather in Sheffield, MA, for ten days at the beginning of July for an intensive rehearsal process with the goal of getting the piece on its feet. On July 14th and 15th there will be two showings of the work, presented in collaboration with the wonderful Dewey Hall.

Although this is not a full scale production there are plenty of exciting challenges. The scope of the play is epic and help is needed to give this project the life the Dwecks believe it deserves.

Take a moment to look over the Kickstarter campaign and watch the video to hear more about the project, some fun rewards, and the goals and challenges. This is an all or nothing campaign, meaning if they don’t raise all of the money, they get nothing. So the Dwecks are really hoping you will feel inspired and want to help!

Gifts of any amount (literally $5) are gratefully accepted. If you are not able to give but could help share this information with others who might want to support original, non-traditional theater, that is equally wonderful. Stay tuned!

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