Ad Astra Theatre Troupe Presents “Peter/Wendy”

This is a notice about Peter/Wendy, a play by Jeremy Bloom. We are a teen-led company called Ad Astra Theatre Troupe, meaning that all of production, acting, sets, and design are run by teenagers. This is the first group of its kind in the area, and this is our first production!
Peter/Wendy is a play told through a multitude of tales of Peter Pan, all brought together creatively by Jeremy Bloom. In this tale, we go through Wendy’s experience with Peter in a different way that you may not have been told, as if your mother knew of a Peter’s having a goat, but your grandmother mightn’t have, meaning that the goat did not appear in Peter’s story until after your grandmother had learnt of it. Peter, the never-aging boy who lives in Neverland (second star to the right and straight on ’til morning), faces pirates with Tinker Bell, Tiger Lily, and the Lost Boys at his side in this abstract version. The story is never finished being told, as long as Peter Pan lives, and so we wish to share this part of his journey with you.

Grace Alberti is the founder of Ad Astra, and also our director. Brianna Swallow is the stage manager, among other titles, Kathleen Rembish is our lovely costumer, and choreography is by Tess Davidson-Brown (Peter) and Hannah Thompson (Hook). Our cast is few in numbers, but we are a mighty thirteen, ranging from ages 14-17 from Saratoga, Niskayuna, Galway, Clifton Park, and the surrounding region. Our performances will be at the Saratoga Springs High School Teaching Auditorium, where most of our cast attends, on May 19th and 21st at 7pm.
If you have any future questions or would like to feature us please contact myself by this email ( or Grace Albaerti at Or if you would simply like to promote us in our endeavor, you can visit our GoFundMe page ( All donations are greatly appreciated!


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