Town Players Auditions for Readings of Starzyk Plays

Town Players of Pittsfield is holding auditions on Tuesday, April 11 for seven short staged readings all by Joe Starzyk, directed by Leah Marie Parker. Auditions will begin at 6pm upstairs at the Whitney Center for the Arts, 42 Wendell Avenue in Pittsfield.

The short readings to be presented on Sunday, May 28 are:
Blind Date: Dave hopes to meet the girl of his dreams on his blind date. But what happens when the girl of your dreams turns out to be the grandma of your dreams?
It Takes a New Village: When hippy parents expose their children to every alternative life choice possible, what do they do when their children act …normal? Macrobiotically speaking … where did they go …right?
The Golden Years : Mabel and Norman have been together so long that they know everything there is to know about each other. Or do they?
BINGO – The Last True Blood Sport : A short story about a game of bingo that turns out to be anything but ordinary. This is not your grandparents bingo parlor.
Madame President :The US has elected its first female president. A prominent Senator comes to meet with her so that the Senate’s concerns can be addressed. As soon as he starts speaking, she realizes the job will have more obstacles than expected.
When Irish Eyes Are Flirting : A look at the time honored mating ritual, when viewed from inside an Irish pub. Can the mysterious power of an older Irishman overwhelm a young American?
Geriatric Fulfillment Center : It is a difficult time when aging parents are no longer able to care for themselves.  Options must be explored.
Needed for the cast are men ages 20 to 65+ and women ages 16 to 65+. Sides from the plays will be provided.

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