Sebastian Stan on the “Highway” – from 100 Monologues by Eric Bogosian

Part of a continuing series of Monday Monologues.

Mixing reality with dreams, quitting a job and heading down the Highway is  #84 of Eric Bogosians astonishing series of 100 Monologues. It is part of a collection that make up the writer’s commentary on contemporary life. This pensive meditation on life is from the solo: “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee”, first performed by the author at the Jane Street Theater, NYC, 2000, Jo Bonney director.

With about a page of expletive laced material trimmed from “The Highway” in Bogosian’s 100 Monologues, the piece picks up at the point where the character tells his boss he is quitting and becomes more of a meditation than a rant.

As Eric Bogosian writes in his introduction to the book of 100 Monologues, “I did not set out to write monologues, but the more involved with the form I got, the more interesting it became to me. I liked the energy and excitement of speaking directly to an audience. I liked arranging the portraits of characters to create a larger whole. I liked the difficulty of writing and performing such complex stuff. Performing and writing these monologues took me to the limit of my abilities.”


SEBASTIAN STAN is Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier in Captain America:The Winter Soldier. In 2007 he played “Kent” in the Broadway production of Talk Radio with Liev Schreiber. Born in Constanta, Romania, Stan is also known for his work in The Black SwanRachel Getting Married and The Covenant. Sebastian Stan has quickly becoming one of Hollywood’s most sought after young actors. Stan was also seen on USA Network’s buzzed about mini-series “Political Animals”, starring opposite Sigourney Weaver and Ellen Burstyn. Stan also appeared on ABC’s hit fantasy series “Once Upon A Time” with Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison for a seven-episode arc. Of course, on screen, Stan is best known for his role as Bucky Barnes in Marvel’s box office smash Captain America: The First Avenger. Stan reprised that  role opposite Chris Evens and Tommy Lee Jones in the sequel, Captain America: The Winter Soldiert in 2014. Stan will reprise the role in the sequel Captain America: Civil War (2016) Other film credits include Summit Entertainment’s Gone with Amanda Seyfried, Darren Aranofsky’s Black Swan with Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, Rachel Getting Married with Anne Hathaway, Spread with Ashton Kutcher, Hot Tub Time Machine with John Cusack and Chevy Chase, director Fred Durst’s The Education of Charlie BanksThe Architect with Anthony LaPaglia, Isabella Rossellini and Hayden Panettiere and Screen Gem’s The Covenant. In 2007, Stan made his Broadway debut opposite Liev Schreiber in Eric Bogosian’s Talk Radio. Stan currently resides in New York.

In January 2016, the 100 Monologues project successfully launched a crowd funding campaign to continue its work, and raised $25,531 from 122 backers a month later.  What Bogosian and his supporters have been creating over the past two years is an amazing archive of great theatre snippets, a resource for not only audiences, but for the actors who perform them on demand in your home or on electronic devices.  The search for dramatic and memorable monologue materials for use by performers at live auditions and guest appearances never ends.

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