Monday Monologues: Bobby Moreno’s controlled explosion in “Blow Me”

Part of a continuing series of Monday Monologues.

Bobby Moreno goes to the edge as he delivers this monologue
by Larry Murray

Eric Bogosian’s brilliant powers of observation combine with a visceral and sputum-laced performance from Bobby Moreno as he unleashes this terrifying monologue from Pounding Nails in the Floor with my Forehead (2004). The eight minute speech is  #64 in his series of 100 Monologues. It is part of a collection that make up Bogosian’s commentary on contemporary life in America. Audiences weren’t always happy to hear his thoughts on where we are headed, but they never failed to pay attention to what he had to say.

BOBBY MORENO is an actor, emcee and activist. He first became aware of Eric Bogosian at high school speech tournaments all over Texas in the late 90s. Anyone performing one of Eric’s monologues was sure to know where the best parties were that night. More importantly, the writing was visceral, funny, biting; if someone who thought like that could make it in theatre, maybe Bobby belonged there, too. He began performing Blow Me in college, at parties on request, in his own one-man show, and once, in the courtyard of his college, where campus security approached saying they had received calls that a madman was ranting and raving. Performing the piece under Eric’s direction over a decade later, with brand new, horrifying and hilarious jokes being texted directly to him, has been a dream come true.

You may have seen Bobby Moreno deliver his star turn in Year of the Rooster (Drama Desk Nomination), his “cocky swagger and boisterous humor” on display in Grand Concourse at Playwrights Horizons, or his work in Hand to God, Invasion!, Luther, Red-Handed Otter and much, much more. Film credits includeHow He Fell In Love, Five Nights In Maine, Private Romeo and Icarus Stops for Breakfast. He has appeared on The Good Wife, Kings, Law and Order and One Life to Live. He is one half of the hip-hip group BiFocal Triclops, a lifetime member of the Ensemble Studio Theatre, a Freestyle Mondays Battle Champion, a former Bat and a member of the Indie Theatre Hall of Fame. More at

You can learn more about the @100Monologues series by visiting the current Kickstarter campaign  which is close to realizing its goal. What they are creating is an amazing resource for not only audiences, but for the actors who perform for them, and are always in search of dramatic monologue materials for their own auditions.

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