Video Interview: singer Meredith Graves talks gender identity and punk music with Kristin Russo

Meredith Graves

Meredith Graves

First of a series of video interviews in Berkshire on Stage
by Larry Murray

In the fifteenth episode of PBS Digital Studios’ First Person, “Making Noise: Music, Punk & Feminism”, host Kristin Russo talks with writer and singer, Meredith Graves. Through her work, the unapologetically feminist and queer Perfect Pussy front woman is helping to transform the hetero-male-dominated hardcore punk scene into a safer and more accepting space for everyone.

As Graves talks about making music and letting the anger out, she assembles and cooks an apple-fig-strawberry fruit tart in a pecan and date crust. To know her is to love her, and her whole outlook on life.

New episodes of First Person are usually available on Mondays at <a href=”

Earlier this year WNET, the flagship PBS station based in New York and PBS Digital Studios launched First Person, an original digital series exploring sexuality and gender identity. Programming in the digital realm is becoming serious competition to broadcast television, and with the permission of the creators, we will share some of the best with you. Like this one.

Through candid personal narratives each five-to-eight minute video will examines a different set of issues facing the LGBTQ community, using interviews and host commentary to illustrate intimate experiences that speak to larger conversations about gender, sexuality, social norms and identity development. First Person also incorporate comments from viewers, discussion prompts and engagement with viewers to continue the conversation on the First Person social media accounts.

Hosted by Kristin Russo, the co-founder of LGBTQ youth organization Everyone Is Gay, the series launched with topics including transgender transitions on YouTube, bisexual erasure, queer fashion and coming out in sports, and continues the conversations with trans artist and YouTuber Skylar Kergil, author Vivek Shraya, fashion icons Nicolette Mason, Arabelle Sicardi and Rae Tutera, ESPN correspondent Kate Fagan, and others.

“First Person gives us the exciting opportunity to start a meaningful and respectful dialogue about LGBTQ issues,” said Dan Greenberg, WNET’s Chief Digital Officer.

“Together with WNET, PBS is committed to exploring diverse viewpoints and we look forward to fostering thoughtful conversations through First Person,” commented Don Wilcox, Vice President, Digital Marketing and Services at PBS.

For WNET’s Interactive Engagement Group Daniel B. Greenberg and Joe Harrell are executive producers; Meredith Heil is producer, camera and editor; Kristin Russo is producer and host; and Casey de Pont is associate producer and art director.

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