Mass MoCA’s Chalet Beer Garden offers music, art and intelligent conversation on select Summer nights

Mass MoCA's beer garden is a festive way to spend a summer's eve.

Mass MoCA’s beer garden is a festive way to spend a summer’s eve.

North Adams, MA – It happens every Thursday and Friday at 5:30 (and onward into the night), The Chalet, MASS MoCA’s summer beer garden, is open for business. It’s a great place to spend a summer evening.

This year, they’ve added an all-star squad of appearances and performances: First is critically acclaimed Soundsuit artist Nick Cave, followed by Sayler/Morris, the artist duo behind Eclipse (now on view). Clifford Ross stops by to talk Harmonium Mountain, his phantasmagorical video-and-audio installation mounted on 12 massive outdoor screens in our Courtyard D. Lastly, Dean Baldwin himself, sculptor, installation artist, and the creator of The Chalet, makes an appearance to discuss his practice.

On Thursday, July 9, at 7pm, join in a conversation with Chicago-based artist Nick Cave. Part sculptor, part filmmaker, part dancer, and part installation, sound, and performance artist, Nick Cave is most notable for his Soundsuits, full-body outfits combining sculpture and costume crafted from objects found in antique shops and flea markets. Get an insider’s sneak preview at the Chalet about his upcoming MASS MoCA show, opening in 2016.

On Thursday, July 30, at 7pm, chat with Edward Morris and Susannah Sayler, the husband-and-wife team who birthed Eclipse. An animated, immersive video installation commemorating the extinction of the passenger pigeon, Eclipse is the first piece on view in its location, the stairwell between our Sol LeWitt retrospective and our Building 5 gallery. Hear about the process of creating Eclipse and learn what the artists have been up to since.

On Friday, August 14, at 7pm, exhibiting artist Clifford Ross makes an appearance at the Chalet, which boasts a perfect view of the artist’s panoramic outdoor video installation and augmented reality experience. Harmonium Mountain is on view every evening beginning June 26, and serves as an immersive, animated extension of Ross’ MASS MoCA exhibition, Landscape Seen & Imagined. Just a week prior to his Chalet appearance on August 8, Ross’ Harmonium Mountain serves as the venue for Landscape Seen & Imagined Live featuring Brooklyn-based band Oneida, Kid Millions, and Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth.

On Thursday, August 20, at 7pm, the creator of the Chalet, former exhibiting artist Dean Baldwin, joins us at the Chalet for beer and conversation in the bar-and-art installation he created in 2012 for MASS MoCA’s internationally critically acclaimed Oh, Canada group exhibition.

Plus, the Chalet will offer performances from local musician Karl Mullen on July 17 and August 20. On August 28, combined with a free local cider tasting. More Chalet appearances, performances, and events are promised.

The Chalet, located in MASS MoCA’s Courtyard C, is open on Thursday and Friday nights, July 2 – August 28, beginning at 5:30pm, and admission is always free (bring cash for the bar)! Keep up with MASS MoCA on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates on new artists and appearances at the Chalet.

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